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    Sharing of couples first meet stories

    Dear fellow forumers, I am gathering collecting stories about couples first meet stories for some project , can you kind souls out there kindly help out ? Share with us on how you and your other half first meet each other? Million thanks to everyone out there !
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    Sharing of your first meet story between you and your other half?

    Dear brides and brides to be , I am gathering collecting stories about couples first meet stories for my project , can you kind souls out there kindly help out ? Share with us on how you and your other half first meet each other Million thanks !!
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    Buy or rent wedding dress in Singapore?

    Hi, I am from the US but I just moved to Singapore and am getting married in Singapore in Sept 15. I have not much friends here hence I am not sure what is the culture in Singapore , can brides or brides to be share with me what most sg bride do ? DO they rent or buy their wedding dress ...
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    Second Thoughts?

    test if this second thoughts feeling go away by itself after awhile
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    Kids and Marriage

    i am also in the exact situation when i cant decide if i wanna kid or not, been dragging on for so many years yet i cant make up my mind.... i love to enjoy life type so i was very scare of being tied down by kids and the" investment without guarantee" thingy... yet on the other hand, i am...
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    Looking for fellow females above 30 to form a support group for dating

    Sherish, Pardon me for saying this, did you ever think deeply what is the problem that after so much efforts, you can't meet the right man for you? Could it be boil down to your personality or physical appearances etc.... You should start by improving yourself first and woman who are...
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    Rebec i have similar experience with my ex, got engaged and were together for 7 years trust me, these type of people will never changed. they have a term for their personality traits call "character disorder" which you can google for more understanding.. they are especially gd in lies...
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    hi rebecca, i have a ex bf whom is exactly like yours. you may PM me if you need to talk and i can share with you more. cheers ya
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    Excruciating pain

    thanks for your words n support deeply appreciated ! some days i feel i m ok, some days i feel extremely painful. last nite i still had a dream that he ask me to pack up n leave cos he is bringing another woman home.. through a gf recommendation, i went to c a clinical practistioner for...
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    Excruciating pain

    hiTS, <<hugzzz>>,u must b feeling so terrible now ya. i understand what u gone through as the acceptance of reality that this man whom u once tot to be so closed to you turn out to be such a liar.... v unbelievable!! i can understand when some people wanna fling, when reached a moment...
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    Online Infidelity

    your hubby sound like my ex who secretly go online dating site n know gals all over. Can u imagine,even when we are living together that time , he still has his ways to do all these and meet gals all over. We lived in USA and i got a part time job out of boredom,work only twice a week,. He would...
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    Excruciating pain

    yes,i m damn stupid to think that we are both v committed and connected to this LDR. Hard to explain in details, but some v unexpected turn of events along the years that caused this to drag,, in short, i m just stupid if i ever had another relationship, i wouldnt have anymore energy to...
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    Excruciating pain

    my heart just feel like knife piercing through and the pain never seems able to lighten... till today, he never appear , only sms (0f cos hoping i go back asap.) although we in LDR, we realli been through alot of ups n downs (hard to elaborate) but i stick by him through n keep encourage him...
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    Excruciating pain

    hahaha now i remember one of his sms say that he would rather spend money to stay hotel in china than to meet me cos i m unstable and too scary now.. he say he wouldnt come home (haha so scare that i will catch him when he come back for any confrontation) only dare sms why would any...
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    Excruciating pain

    thanks for all e encouraging words that all of you shared.... i realli need courage now, and it is realli hard to gather sometime... i m afraid that i may soften.. this bastard sms me today and say it is still a misunderstanding n deny all the way of cos that he has a wife/gf. he say i...