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    IRC chat

    shhhh... quiet... don't let t-rex hear u...
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    Tarots cards readings

    andee low, yes, you're right. I don't disagree with you. I suppose it's abit like religion. Some think it's real; some don't think so. Some people need it; others don't. But yes, do whatever makes one happy.
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    Tarots cards readings

    In this day and age it's amazing people still spend such ridiculous amounts of money on such things. Fortune telling, horoscopes and the likes work based on two principles - first, people's confirmation bias. We are struck by the things are turn out true (hence confirmation), but fail to...
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    Married for 2 years but now unhappy

    thanks.. im not scared of strangers cuz sg is quite safe.. more scared of how i will feel after i look for another guy, if i choose that option..
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    Married for 2 years but now unhappy

    Hi all, need some advice... i am married for 2 years, and my marriage has been good until the last half a year, when my husband started to be so engrossed in work and computer games... i can feel us gradually drifting apart although i won't say our marriage is breaking down yet. then a friend...
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    Should I divorce?

    This is rather controversial... there is this website ( that basically says the way to get out of your type of situation is find a outlet... the website helps people who are not happy in their marriage find a partner who is also married... don't know if this is what you...