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    For soft toys used as bridal's car deco)??

    Hey , My sister had a cartoon wedding she had soft toys for her wedding car , she had chip and dill, ahha and she bought clothes for them to dress up , cute and original, well at the end of the day , what works the best is what suits your liking and personality the best rite?
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    Egypt Tour

    Anyone has a good tour agent to recommand? would love to go to Egypt, seem so cool and a special place to visit. Btw anyone has got experience on the trip to the pyramid ? would love to see one x)
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    Hey, Anybody knows how to slim down quickily but does not cost alot, got to save up for hubby and lose 7kg at the same time
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    Any 1 here having insomnia?

    Try drinking elderflower tea, it helps , espically the cold ones =)
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    Amore at Tampines One

    Hey, Anyone knows which outlet is better? the tampies one's or the sunctec one's , they both seem not bad to me, hehe =)
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    Couple Duet

    hey, seen couples playing songs that remind them of their own relationship and happy moments. maybe you wanna try agreein with your partner on a sweet song you two had memories of?
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    Solemnization by the beach

    Hi lookingforward, my close jiemei had her ROM at bora bora, would you like to cotact the decorator personally? hmmmm heres the hp no. 81800964 ( Christina) I have also got my bouquet from her, recommanded by my jie mei, she is great, easy-going person =)