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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    Hi mod, could you help me to remove these posts:
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    Contours Express

    Hi, is there any free trial now? I'm interested. :)
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    Yufit slimming cookie

    Hi there, has anyone tried or heard this before? U all can click on her Instagram for info. I'm thinking to try but not cheap
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    Any good eye cream to treat "dark circles".......Pls share!

    Anymore OTC product recommendation?
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    Any good hair Salons to recommend?

    Any recommendations for good cheap hair stylist in the east?
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    Have tried musee and Regina. Prefer musee as less pushy. But both I think are not bad. Musee very difficult to make appt tho. Have been doing underarm ipl for a few years already and I think it's considered hairless liao. Haha.
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    WTS: Skinny Mint Night Cleanse $25mailed

    Brand new SkinnyMint night cleanse. 14 Night Cleanse tea bags, one every alternate night (starting Day 1 after your last meal or before bedtime) Expiry: Dec'15 Refer to here for more information: Good for trial! feel free to pm me for more...
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    WTS: 30mg Panbesy for sale

    *** Sorry should be duromine 30mg. not panbesy.
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    WTS: 30mg Panbesy for sale

    30mg panbesy for sale. Legal, got it from clinic previously. Able to show u pictures. Seldom eat it already. Expiring in Jul 2014. Interested to try pls pm me. 15Tabs for $30 30Tabs for $50 only have 30tabs avail. [email protected] Thanks.
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    amoureux Stuff for Sale

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    amoureux Stuff for Sale

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    Anyone change your name ?

    do u feel any difference?
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    amoureux Stuff for Sale

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    amoureux Stuff for Sale

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    Anyone change your name ?

    hi there, anyone else here change name before and seen improvements? any master to recommend also? TIA!