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    Indulge in the wonderful array of plated perfection crafted by our very own Chef Simone Delpalmas. Starting from the fragrant local herb infused truffle chicken brûlée to the elegant flaming salt-crusted Mediterranean Seabass or the Roasted Beef Rib-eye as your main. Savour an exclusive CNA Lifestyle Experience evening with host Glenda Chong (CNA) as you dive into our five-course dinner (S$78++/person) stringed together beautifully with complimentary canapés! . . Date & Time 28 June 2018 Thursday 6pm For reservations and enquires, contact us at
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    "Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside"

    The elegance of a bride is more spectacular and touching for us than anything else. A beautiful bride walks with confidence and elegance, and whose inner beauty shines on the harmony of the body.

    Being comfortable in our photoshoot is the ultimate condition of beauty. Engage us for a pre-wedding photoshoot and let your elegance shine through.

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    Be a Malena bride. Arrange an appointment to visit us now:
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  7. Silhouette the Atelier, Jun 19, 2018 at 8:00 PM
  8. Silhouette The Atelier


    “I do not have a perfect body or the height of a model. And with my hard-to-please expectations for my own wedding day, I was almost desperate after trying on so many gowns at a number of upscale boutiques. It was because none feels right, until I came to Silhouette.
    I was immediately attracted to a gorgeous dress I saw in a poster at Silhouette - it was a blush gown imprinted with Victorian motifs. I was so glad that the dress was available for trying. And I came to know that the dress was designed by Hui Li (the cheerful designer, who was the one helping me to select my dress too).
    Once I tried it on, the only thought I had in my mind was: "This is no doubt MY DRESS!!!"
    The cutting and the lace placement are so on point that it hides all my defects and enhances my body shape. The dress is elegant, light and comfortable. I felt like I was wearing a piece of artwork, and it just fits into my wedding theme perfectly.
    After my wedding, I’ve received lots of compliments from my families and friends. So much thanks to Hui Li’s fine work!”

    Wing & Felix

    Gown by #silhouettetheatelier #silhouettebride
    Hair & makeup by @manisatan
    Wedding plan by Sharol from Eternal Emotion Weddings
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    A little sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes as Chef Simone orchestrates the kitchen for tonight’s service. #sinfonia #sinfoniaristorante #italianristorante #italianfood #foodgram #foodstagram #victori- aconcerthall #singapore #kitchen
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