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  1. cxxx
    Wedding banquet to let go, PM me
  2. minimalist.honey
    Post wedding reviews at my blog. Do check them out! :)) Link is in my profile.
  3. jetan
    jetan kytheon
    Hi, I saw that you have a friend who can do wedding animation. Can i have more information please? Thanks
  4. minimalist.honey
    Smooth and Beautiful Wedding on 08 June, 2019. :)
  5. Ong Wei Ting
    Ong Wei Ting
    Telling stories through art... till it's my turn to tell my own love story.
  6. Kaela
    Kaela Leon11
    Hi Leon, is the venue Chapel still available?
  7. peonyandblush
  8. Lee Ching
    Lee Ching
    Hello. Am glad to be here to serve you.
  9. salad_cream
    No fried fooD!
  10. Sunshine4u
    Wedding Banquet for sale
  11. Sunshine4u
    Sunshine4u Jytan1031
    hi i have a wedding package to sell.. If you are keen please contact me at 88338282 thank u
  12. richardvip
    Beautiful women for powerful men
  13. peonyandblush
  14. magzzz
    magzzz starrynight0308
    Hi I'm letting go of an AD bridal package from France Paris bridal which contains 1 wedding dress (including their Pronovias section), 1 evening gown, 1 Tea dress, 2 sets of men's suits, 2 stules of makeup and hair, fresh bridal bouquet and 6 corsages. No deadline for this contract. Letting go at 1400 or you can offer a price which we can negotiate. Please feel free to contact me at 84200739! Thanks!
  15. One Farrer Hotel
    One Farrer Hotel
    Upcoming Wedding Show at One Farrer Hotel on 6th July 2019 at 11am! RSVP at to enjoy special perks.
  16. bolba123
    Selling French Wedding PWS $500 for 2 gowns, 2 suits, makeup/hairdo and 10 Photos. Very basic package.. PM me, Thanks!
  17. Jxin
    Jxin mushu
    hello! i'm interested in your package. can email me at or let me know ur no i whatsapp
  18. Yongfu
    Selling wedding package at Hotel Village Changi for this year 2019. Able to accommodate 25-30 tables. For more info pm me.
  19. Yan123
    Yan123 caroltangy
    Hi mdm, i saw your post on looking for part time helpers. May i know if you have found any or has recommendations for any part time helpers? My house profile is similar to yours. Thank you!
  20. GeminiD
    Weigh Loss - Free sessions for 3-5kg loss. No commitment.
  21. sugarene
    sugarene Clarissewong
    Hi Clarisse! Am wanting to get more info on Invisalign...mind to share? May I know hw did the end results work for you? And how much was your total cost?
    1. Cadman Brandon
      Cadman Brandon
      We gives out loans for developing businesses and competitive edge, Personal/business Loans (Secure and Unsecured) Consolidation Loan and many more. Quality services offer. To apply! Email us at: for further proceedings.
      Oct 7, 2019
  22. nahsoaix
    nahsoaix glorybreath
    Hi there!
    Saw your post regarding selling away bridal package from France Paris Bridal.

    Just wondering this package will be available till when?
    Thank you :)
  23. xinli_89
    xinli_89 Xiu yu
    Hi xinyu,

    May you please PM me the contractor contact and quote to my email at

    Thank you
  24. key
    in the very beginning of divorce process :(
  25. Vvval
    Vvval Jenjen81
    Can you contact me at 94302453
  26. Vvval
  27. shiranaihito
    shiranaihito Alexzandra

    Saw ur post ('Hi, everyone.
    So, what about this Kim?
    Is she good? I need something like this
    But my hair is so thin... I'm not sure... But some friends say that a good master will manage this hairstyle anyway...')

    Did u try Kim in the end?
  28. tara khoo
    tara khoo
    i am a student from temasek poly. im doing a documentary on traditional chinese weddings. any couple willing to let my group film you?
  29. Ayla
    Going to try a 21 days transformation program to lose weight. Anyone wants to join me : )
  30. Giselle_08
    Selling off Novetel Clarke Quay banquet @ $0 to $1000 of deposit amout negotiable. email:
  31. Giselle_08
    Selling off Novetel Clarke Quay banquet
  32. Keithography
    One Fine Day
  33. im_maddie
    Hi! Looking for Vera Wang Jocelyn gown. Thank you!
  34. michmichh
    michmichh akemi0sihui
    Hi, can share your package at TGW? How much is it and how many gowns did you took? :) Thanks a lot!
  35. Milton
    Milton cindes
    Hi Cindes, the total package for the wedding is SGD 65,516.54 nett. I will be willing to offer up to 10-15% discount. So approximately 55-58K. For the wedding dates itself, it is flexible up till April 2019, subject to availability by JW Marriott. Would you be interested in this wedding package? Thank you.
  36. cindes
    cindes aquartermark
    Hi will like to check how much are you letting go for the package?? Thanks
  37. cindes
    cindes SKcheng
    Hi will like to check if the wedding package, how much are you selling?
  38. pineapplegal
    pineapplegal RoadBlock
    Hi Derek, I wasn't able to reply to your message nor able to start a convo with you. Do you mind to provide me with your email? Thank you so much!
  39. cindes
    cindes Hui Ca
    Hi saw your wedding package for conrad, may I know how much you are letting go? Min 20 tables right?
  40. yukime
    Hello... :)
  41. cindes
    cindes Dogloverbao
    Hi will like to check if the wedding package is still available and how much?
  42. chouyipingchua
    chouyipingchua Arella Chen
    Hi there any chance you could provide pic of cheongsam thanks
    1. Arella Chen
      Arella Chen
      finding it hard to post pics here :) add me on whatsapp@81802861
      Oct 7, 2018
    2. Arella Chen
      Arella Chen
      Let me know I’m willing to let go at a further discount as I’m moving!
      Oct 8, 2018
  43. Glitteryblueskies
    ALon Livne Kate dress going for SGD 4,500.
  44. llingg
    llingg R Scarlett
    Hi, May I know what is the name of the facial place?
  45. LONCS31117
    LONCS31117 Carolyn Wee
    Would like to be added to the group chat pls. 96225715 sept 2019 btb:)
  46. olivia C
    olivia C Ingyin.juni
    Hi I saw your comment about the slimming 20 session may I know more about it?
  47. Joey Lim
  48. Joey Lim
    Joey Lim
    Looking for affordable emcee for my wedding dinner in year end. Disappointingly most of the affordable emcee already engagedAny recommended
  49. GermaineTan622
    Looking for prewed photoshoot. Korea Artiz is quite new in sg? who gt take package thr? Is there nice ?
  50. Aishah05
    seller of preloved items