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  1. Sjdra
  2. laineeoooo
  3. eang18
  4. Mabel Chong
    Mabel Chong ReginaChua
  5. Colourfulshades
    Colourfulshades Thonglau
    Hi ! not sure how to message you or if this is the correct place to messsage .But could i ask you to email me instead at :)
  6. Mike | Ombré Photography
    Mike | Ombré Photography
    "You are my today and all of my tomorrows."
  7. Mabel Chong
    Mabel Chong ReginaChua
    Hi Regina, PM for more details! Thanks!
    1. ReginaChua
      Hello Mabel! Do u have an email? I can send u the details.
      Jul 10, 2018
  8. smttan
    smttan Rester
    Hi Rester, I am a bride to be and will be holding my wedding at fullerton hotel's ballroom. I noticed that you mentioned your final guest attendance was around 180+ pax during the dinner. I understand there is a minimum spend according to the number of tables. What happens to the rest of the money if the number of guests did not hit the minimum number? Thank you in advance!
  9. Joelle Leong
    Joelle Leong
    Letting go my DIGIO BRIDAL gown package. PM if you are interested or contact me @ 96782226 or email me at
  10. Flocculent
    Letting go of AD VG+PG and PREWEDDING PG full bridal package
  11. Flocculent
    WTS: AD photography and videography and PRE WED photography. PM FOR INFO
  12. jeffreyj
    jeffreyj tamag0
    Hi tamag0

    Are u still interested on AD wedding packages?
    I going selling away my AD wedding package.
    Do let me know if u are interested. Thanka

    My number
  13. jeffreyj
    jeffreyj Jaclyn321
    Hi Jaclyn

    I have seen your reply on a wts forum page for seletar Broadway. My fiancee and I are also selling our AD package with SB. Please contact me if you are still interested for more details.

    Kind regards
    Jeffrey and Abbie
  14. Seklsc31
    WTS - Wedding Lunch Bqt Package @ Ramada Singapore for 10 Mar 2019. $998++/tbl. Contact me @ to find out more.
  15. merry_berry03
    merry_berry03 kai xin
    hi i am keen on this. how much is it? and is it available for 05 Jan 2019 dinner?
  16. skylodi
    skylodi ohamgee
    I am the groom's brother who is arranging live music for his solemnisation ceremony 1130am-1200pm. Lunch 1pm-3pm. looking for a violinist and a singer for this 2.5 hours period. volume should be soft and sound like background music. no emcee or commentary required
  17. KTKS
    KTKS Yourstruly100

    Interested in the package you’re letting go.

    Can you furnish me with more details regarding the one at Parkroyal?
  18. rainy711
    Hi. I'm selling my Mermaid gown! Please contact me if interest. Is for petite size only.
  19. jennygoh
    GSS Sale for One stalk soap rose SGD10, order 16/5 to 30/6. self collect after 5/6. (Cream/Champagne, While stock last!) PM 91456336
  20. SriRos
    Does anyone has any recommendation for Hindu priest who can perform temple wedding ceremony in English?
  21. kittykatkat
    Duromine boxes all sold out. You can purchase from this Instagram page : I’ve been getting generic Duromine from them.
    1. April9669
      Hi how much is it? And how do we purchase?
      May 30, 2018
  22. Restu13
    Restu13 kittykatkat
    Hi..ur duromine still avail?? $150 for 3 boxes?
  23. Charlene0121
  24. ay92
    ay92 cherryame
    Hello babe :) could I check with you on your Fullerton package and who was your coordinator? Thank you in advance, do let me know how I could possibly reach u :)
  25. meow meow
    meow meow Xiu yu
    Morning Xiu Yu
    can pm me the contractor contact at
    your reno is nice.
  26. Sharon.T
    Does most of the hotel package provide angpow boxes? My friend wedding at W Singapore do not provie any angpow box based on the package.
    1. W Singapore
      W Singapore
      Hello Sharon!

      Saw your post regarding Angpow Box. Our wedding package does not provide Angpow Box, however, we are able to lend couple if they unable to find one. :)

      Warm regards,
      W Wedding Team
      Apr 10, 2018
  27. Sharon.T
    Does anyone know which hotel can do halal certified food for weddings?
  28. Beautifulwee
    Beautifulwee Mei Yen
    Hi Mei Yen, i m keen to buy duromine 30mg.
    Can email me
  29. yiqian
    yiqian Verlxx
    I cannot reply your message. Can I email you instead?
  30. yiqian
    yiqian elena yeo
    Hi, is your goodwood park hotel package still available? If yes, is it possible to change the date to 15-09-2018. Can the number of table be increased? My contact is TIA
  31. yiqian
    yiqian greentea12
    Hi, is your mandarin oriental hotel package still available? I am keen and did drop you a message via email. My email address is TIA
  32. yiqian
    yiqian Eric chong
    Hi, is your goodwood park hotel package still available? I am interested. Can the date be changed? Please contact me at if this is still available. TIA..
  33. qmer qerw
  34. PTKC0957
    Available for Mj 7pm onwards
  35. Angel win
    Angel win
    Hi there, because of personal reasons, I would like to sell Actual day + Pre-wedding photo shoot package with Below S$2500. Please reply me.
  36. Blake Ng Fitness
    Blake Ng Fitness
    Fitness is a journey and discipline is the road. But hey, you ain't walking alone!
  37. meow meow
    meow meow Jessphine
    For sure you can ,it take times.
  38. visio_workz
    Actual Day Wedding Photography & Videography
  39. visio_workz
    Actual Wedding Photography & Videography
  40. Jessphine
    Heartbroken. Healing period. Hopefully will be fine soon
  41. Zhang Jinwen
  42. spring blossoms
    spring blossoms
    I've worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals.
  43. a_sira
    a_sira Andy17
    Hi saw your post on regent n replied it.did u sign up as well. We signed up during the wedding fair just in Jan 2018. Do u know if we are able to cancel?Cuz contract is stated non transferable n no cancellation :/
  44. hghleow
    hghleow Beautex_
    hi, may i know if the westin package is still available?
  45. hghleow
    hghleow kwgina
    hi, is your westin package still available? do contact me at
  46. kathyooi
    kathyooi Miss Lee
    Hi Miss Lee
    May I know is your divorce settle. As I am PR too.
  47. CY1609
    CY1609 surfermoon

    Not sure if you are still looking for a package. But I do have one on 14 Oct 2018. Wedding dinner package at Pan Pacific Hotel. Please feel free to reply if you are interested :)
  48. emmalan
    i am invited for a chinese wedding dinner at the regent. a muslim table will be catered. can i know how much ang bao shud be given?
    1. chinleng
      Jan 15, 2018
  49. Soo Chia
    Soo Chia
    Selling gown forestry PW and AD package. At a discount. Interested please message 9108 2128. Thanks (:
  50. Mane27
    Hi, does anyone know the contact of Sunil priest, thank you!