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  1. votofelfi
  2. jeremei
    Wedding clearance!
  3. blessingsinthesun
    Life should be simple and happy :)
  4. sandrachan
    Excellent review on Tangs Marriot Orchard Hotel Banquet
  5. djra Munax
  6. Adrian Hartanto Ng
  7. Poorman
    Poorman Daisyloves
    Hi, may I know how much is the package by castalia you've got?

  8. las4ever
    Hi all ! not sure if this place is still active.
  9. Novie huang
    Novie huang
    Hi guys, anyone knows where I can sell my preloved vera Wang wedding dress? Mind to share with me ... thank you
  10. Hsinhao
    GlacialMarineMud,it's so amazing!It extract out all the excess oil,leaving soft,moist,fresher My pores were smaller&my black/whiteheads gone
  11. Mena
    Hi heard from a Friend of a 5room Ang Mo Kio dbss going at a very Low price if anyone is keen.
  12. B3n
    B3n tinkerella
    Hi, pm me if still have deposit from Rico pls?

    Wifey of b3n..
  13. Jennifer.Ng
    Any good recommendations on places that sell "Heart Shape Diamond" ring?
  14. Blessed5555
    8in1 Luminious Hydro Mico Essence for sales .
  15. Blessed5555
    Anyone interested in Ageloc TR90, Y span & R2? TR90 for slimming .Yspan/ R2 for youth renewed and energized
  16. meteorain_1205
    Letting Go - 1 set ageLOC TR90 (Expiry 2018) - 1 set ageLOC ultimate duo pack (6 sets ageLOC R2 & 6 sets ageLOC Yspan) (Expiry 2018)
  17. eileenn
    eileenn Coldtreegreen
    Hi , is your package available?
  18. Teresa Martin
    Teresa Martin
    Online Shopping at Mirraw
  19. WhiteLink
    WhiteLink Bridal Studio
  20. LVNA
    LVNA Santhya84
    Hi Santhya,
    Do you you still have the spread sheet or any other info?
    Would be great if you could forward them. Thank you very much!
  21. Music Improvisation Collective
    Music Improvisation Collective
    It's Always Great to Have Wonderful Music.
  22. mayz0519
    Looking for Pronovias wedding gown for sale or rent. Pls message me. Thanks
  23. cschris73
    cschris73 jkwedding308
    I saw your post mentioned that "I do also come across people from around me whose marriages thrive after adultery". Can I ask more details on this ? I am in the stages of forgive and forget. But it is very difficult ..... Hope to get some tips and advices for this issue. Thanks
  24. sing nam
    sing nam mavistoh
    hi, u still keen to take over the wedding package?
  25. sing nam
    sing nam ZZW
    hi, u still keen to take over the wedding package?
  26. sing nam
    sing nam twinklelights
    hi, u still keen to take over the wedding package?
  27. sing nam
    sing nam plaisanti
    hi, u still keen to take over the wedding package?
  28. sing nam
    sing nam Mandysn38
    hi, u still keen to take over the wedding package?
  29. love520
    love520 missyorange
    Hi, here's the package that i sign

    1 Videographer
    10hour coverage
    SDE ( lunch / dinner )
    Highlights & full sequence HD given back in pen drive & DVD 2 set

    1 photographer
    10hour coverage
    SDE ( lunch / dinner )
    All photo given back in high resolution
    *** free 1, 10x10 album

    ** free childhood.montage
    ** no extra charge before 7am shoot
  30. sally chew
    sally chew cjnsal
    Hello, i saw your posting w telltales . i wanna to know more details cause i also kena
  31. eramoments123
  32. yyc29
    yyc29 adminxf
    Hello i've been trying to reply a conversation but i've not been allowed to cos I keep getting message
    Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.

    any idea how to get round this problem?
  33. Frachow
    Frachow cwxh
    Hi I am interested. Still available? 9646 4439
  34. jennygoh
    Soap flower Wedding handbouquet, per bouquet/ 12 stalks promotion SGD50 (U.P $68), For the order, pls text 81224582
  35. cook90
  36. lamar
    oh hello there beautiful
  37. mdmlydia
    please email to if you are keen on my items
  38. jennygoh
    Deposit will be refunded upon return of items in good condition.
  39. jennygoh
    We will require a refundable $60 security deposit (on top of rental amount) to be paid in cash on day of collection.
  40. jennygoh
    Do call us at 81224582 or msg to confirm availability for your requested rental period.
  41. jennygoh
    This set makes a beautiful add-on to your wedding reception table, restaurant, house for special wedding decoration.
  42. jennygoh
    Rent this set of 2 Round Bird Cages at a promotional rate of only $38 now.
  43. jaykel
    hi ladies, im a digio bride, will be doing my PWS soon but cant decide on my MUA, either elson or miki. any advice on this? thankyou!!
  44. miralady
    how to edit post
    1. chinleng
      If you don't see the "edit" option beside the time stamp of your post, it means the edit time has expired. To change your post after the edit option has expired, please contact with the post and next text and the moderators will update for you.
      Aug 5, 2017
  45. Boniface Wong
    Boniface Wong
    Looking for mei po for traditional pre-wedding ceremony.
    1. Boniface Wong
      Boniface Wong
      Anyone out there knows of someone who provides "guo da li" service?
      Aug 2, 2017
  46. The Westin Singapore
    The Westin Singapore
    Let our experienced wedding planners take care of every little detail for the most significant moment of your life!
  47. mcm1350
    mcm1350 missyorange
    Hi can share?
  48. KopiO666
    What you may have been searching for is right in front of you
  49. Missylu
    Missylu VintageAvenues1
    Hi I'm interested in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel package. Pls send more info. Thanks!
  50. sylphide85
    Just married