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  1. cook90
  2. lamar
    oh hello there beautiful
  3. mdmlydia
    please email to if you are keen on my items
  4. jennygoh
    Deposit will be refunded upon return of items in good condition.
  5. jennygoh
    We will require a refundable $60 security deposit (on top of rental amount) to be paid in cash on day of collection.
  6. jennygoh
    Do call us at 81224582 or msg to confirm availability for your requested rental period.
  7. jennygoh
    This set makes a beautiful add-on to your wedding reception table, restaurant, house for special wedding decoration.
  8. jennygoh
    Rent this set of 2 Round Bird Cages at a promotional rate of only $50 now.
  9. jaykel
    hi ladies, im a digio bride, will be doing my PWS soon but cant decide on my MUA, either elson or miki. any advice on this? thankyou!!
  10. miralady
    how to edit post
    1. chinleng
      If you don't see the "edit" option beside the time stamp of your post, it means the edit time has expired. To change your post after the edit option has expired, please contact with the post and next text and the moderators will update for you.
      Aug 5, 2017
  11. Boniface Wong
    Boniface Wong
    Looking for mei po for traditional pre-wedding ceremony.
    1. Boniface Wong
      Boniface Wong
      Anyone out there knows of someone who provides "guo da li" service?
      Aug 2, 2017
  12. The Westin Singapore
    The Westin Singapore
    Let our experienced wedding planners take care of every little detail for the most significant moment of your life!
  13. mcm1350
    mcm1350 missyorange
    Hi can share?
  14. KopiO666
    What you may have been searching for is right in front of you
  15. Missylu
    Missylu VintageAvenues1
    Hi I'm interested in the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel package. Pls send more info. Thanks!
  16. sylphide85
    Just married
  17. MissRabbit
    MissRabbit MissyA
    Hi, please could you give me more details of your booking of Orchard Hotel? Can the date be changed? What is the name of the room?
  18. pokiepokie
    Bride to be (YAY)
  19. SherlynT08
    I'm a bride-to-be in 2018, looking for unique venues for approx 150 persons. Any recommendations?
  20. minifan
    minifan pikachuuu
    Hi Pikachuu, I am considering Gaeul Studio for my prewedding photoshoot. I read that you have your prewedding photoshoot in Korea with them. Can you please pm me your package and review? Thanks in advance.
  21. Kimoko
    Kimoko Candy.Derrick
    Hi, is the River Crest Red Wine still available? Could you drop me a PM please. Thank you! :)
  22. audreyk0h
    Hi pretty, can recommend good eyebrow embroidery? Home based or shop
  23. blurbtb18
    blurbtb18 Joanna Cliff
    Hi! Can you share your package with Bliss and when is your photoshoot?
  24. blurbtb18
    blurbtb18 Xi Yin
    Hi! Can you share your package with Bliss and when is your photoshoot?
  25. blurbtb18
    blurbtb18 Hannah1989
    Hi! Can you share your package with Bliss and when is your photoshoot?
  26. Blishouse
    Hi, letting go my photoshoot at Taiwan. I've very attractive packages to offer with 46 poses. Email me:
  27. TTH
    Our joyous day on 9 Dec 2017
  28. bridezilla_money
    Money makes the world go round. even love is money.
  29. Coldtreegreen
    Hi babe, am looking for banquet package in mar 2018, happen t know any?
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    2. Coldtreegreen
      Hi yes! My fiance and I are actually selling our package at hotel jen tanglin:) let me know your email address if you want the details! :) haha this forum doesnt allow me to type a really long msg
      May 24, 2017
  30. Ren Hao
    Ren Hao bluexyz
    Hey. Are you still looking for dinner package? i have one at HFC original date is 05/11/2017. Date can be change to latest 31/04/2018. Do whatsapp me at 8268 2241 if you need more details!
  31. amndmysr
    Customised Wedding/ Special Occasions Souvenirs. Contact me for info =D
  32. Mary Victor
    Mary Victor Starorsatellite
    Hello! you are a bride to be in 2018! so exciting! i'd love to be the one to glam you up from top to bottom with my wedding package! Personal Makeup and hairstyling. are you interested? would love to have your contact so i can send you my portfolio and rates! Thank you!
  33. jaykel
    hello ladies, can i know any food reviews for mandarin oriental wedding luncheon? TIA (:
  34. Ms K
    Ms K
    Hi Tiffy, I have checked with the manager. For lunch there are multiple dates available for November and December 2017.
  35. Ms K
    Ms K
    Hi there, I just saw your post I will need to check with the manager on that. Any specific dates that you are looking at?
  36. VivoKZ
    Pianist. Composer. Teacher.
  37. Earlgrey.tan
    letting go of wedding gown and photographer package. PM me at 98766608 for more details.
  38. Rone0507
    Rone0507 jcywed
    Hello, I saw your post pertaining to the wedding banquet (four points by Sheraton). I would like to ask if it is still available and are we able to change it to the year 2018?
    1. jcywed
      Hi, yes still available. For 2018 lunch it is possible to change. The price will be subject to additional $50 per table. If interested to find out more, can you drop me a whatsapp msg at 8812 6899? We can discuss more if you are interested :)
      May 3, 2017
  39. Tiffyyy
    Tiffyyy Ms K
    I saw your posting on ban heng banquet. Any idea what's their availability for weekends on Nov and Dec 2017? Thabks and looking forward to your reply !
  40. Tiffyyy
  41. Lynnewong
    Lynnewong aliciamzh
    Hi Aliciamzh! Could you share with me which MUA did you engage as part of TGW package? Thank you so much in advance :)
  42. minuet12
    minuet12 effie05
    Hi there, may I know which MUA you have signed with and how was the experience? I was considering Autelier makeup.
  43. minuet12
    minuet12 honeycrumbs
    Hi there, how was your experience with Autelier makeup? I am also considering using them. Thanks in advance!
  44. jascleme
    jascleme miyako05
    hi! are you looking for wedding emcee?
  45. Redlady
    Redlady cwxh
    Hi, I am interested in your 2018 banquet a hotel jen. Can you text me at 8200 3295
  46. Dolkapots
    Dolkapots Sobriquetz
    Hihi.. mind if i add u on fb? would like to see ur wedding pics.. im having my wedding in MM , vanda ballroom too in dec...

    my fb :
  47. Ryan Ang
    Ryan Ang
    Want to Sell luncheon Banquet for 2017 (24 Dec 2017) Please email me at and we can discuss the details. Thank you
  48. blue_honey
    blue_honey martially
    Hi martially,

    I'm a 2018 BTB and am considering between Mariott and Fullerton. I saw your post about not signing up with Mariott in the end, could you let me share with me your reasons/experiences if you don't mind?
    1. martially
      hi, actually there is nothing wrong with Marriott. Their perks are very attractive. However, we thought the ballroom was too big as we are only intending to have 25-28 tables and it wont look nice to have empty space. We went to four season and love the ballroom so we booked with them instead.
      Mar 24, 2017
  49. mmwmmc
  50. tfishes14
    tfishes14 phirahh
    Hello :) I saw on the thread that you'd used Ksana as your wedding photographer. I love her works! DO you mind sharing with me her package? Thank you so much! - BTB 2018
    1. phirahh
      Hello tfishes! I used her for another engagement, not wedding photographer :) I do have her older rates though. PM me your email?
      Mar 29, 2017
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