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July 2020

Gen Z Wedding Project Seminar

[Event Expired]

This event has expired.

Date: 7 - 8 Dec, Sat & Sun

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Venue: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973

Admission: Free of charge.
Status: Archived

A good NEWS to all wedding couples!

Finally our ‘Gen Z’ Wedding Project is here! With this project, you can have the best gowns + photography/videography and the package could be FREE!

This year marks the 12-year milestone of a successful partnership between Z Wedding and Chris Ling Intl. The two companies have joined forces to provide top-quality professional services of gowns, styling, photography, and video for both pre-wedding and actual day events. As part of our evolution, and made possible with our combined experience and resources, we have added in our repertoire value-added services such as our March-In and photography workshops to help wedding couples. It has been a wonderful journey.

Still, we shouldn’t stop here. We feel that our extended services can be increased even more! The appreciation and support our couples have sincerely shown us serves as encouragement for us to give more in return.

Finances are always the one big headache couples have to juggle. Too often, monetary constraint is the source of undue stress in wedding planning. Compromises and sacrifices have to be made, and even getting loans to fulfill a dream wedding are not unheard of. We can help in soft skills, image, styling, confidence, but how can we help in the biggest worry of them all, money? Thus, a brain storming session ensued and we have now created our financial plan for wedding couples!

With this plan, we hope to empower our wedding couples and put money back in their hands. Wedding spending is rightfully an expense, and we wanted to create an avenue where we can convert this expense into an investment. In other words, the money you forked out for your wedding should allow you an opportunity to cover back what you have spent gowns, photography, videography, etc. with us, Z Wedding and Chris Ling Intl. That is why we feel that as a next step in our value proposition, it is necessary to create an avenue to help our couples financially.

At Z Wedding and Chris Ling, our motivation is always to be more than just gowns, photography and video. With each generation come different requirements in this evolving landscape. The aim of providing holistic packages that go beyond the norm is our effort to address what the current market needs. Allow us to be more than just a front for weddings!

We are conducting a seminar to explain the workings of the wedding industry, and in this seminar we will reveal in detail this new financial project that comes at no cost or fees to the couple. Attendance is free by registration so do secure your seats as soon as you can!

To learn more about us, Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography, please visit our YouTube playlists.

By: Z Wedding Design