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April 2024

Perks with Jynk Ink at TSWF

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This event has expired.

Date: 2 - 3 Mar, Sat - Sun

Time: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Centre Hall D

Admission: Free


Based in Singapore, Jynk Ink has provided top quality Jagua tattoo body art since 2018. Jagua tattoos, a form of temporary body art, has gained popularity and is the perfect way to adorn our bodies in art. Jynk Ink has artists who work in many styles and can offer a tailored experience for any social events.

Jynk Ink was started by artist Jen who specialises in drawing styles ranging from botanical illustrations to stylistic line work. Her inspirations come from nature and her experience as an illustrator and animator. Bridging multiple art fields is at the heart of Jynk Ink.

Jagua Ink is made from the juice of the unripe Genipa Americana fruit. It is 100% organic and stains the skin a dark blue that slowly fades over the course of 10-14 days. Whether it is to test a design before getting it inked permanently, or purely aesthetic reasons, Jagua tattoos offer the fun without the commitment. Spreading the love of art!

Perks with Jynk Ink:

  1. Exclusive rates for Jagua tattoo parties (bridal / social parties)
  2. Option of 1 or 2 artist for bigger events
  3. 60 temporary tattoos (worth $30) each day for the spin and win

Visit us at the Activity Booth to find out more!