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1 St. Andrew’s Road
National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957

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Phone number:

+65 6384 5585

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+65 6384 5575



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Located on the 5th floor of the City Hall rooftop within the National Gallery Singapore, the restaurant’s Chinese character “宴” refers to “feast”. True to its name, YÀN seeks to bring people together through food, where the dining experience is reminiscent of convivial gatherings and intimate, modern Chinese dining. Serving up familiar flavours with modern day presentations, the food at YÀN reflects the best of authentic Cantonese cooking.

Through the use of a lighter palette of woods and dove grey, and the inclusion of vibrant screens in happy colours of reds, fuchsia and purple, the space is a picture of visual harmony. Through the use of different chinaware, flowers and leaves, the plating of the food seeks to create a beautiful visual experience, hence a more enjoyable dining experience.

Silk weaving, one of Chinese’s oldest form of art, takes centre stage in the dining hall as it lends inspiration to the brightly coloured space dividers where strings in hues of red, pink and purple, interweave. The placement of booth seats in-between the screens are carefully considered so that the space is symmetrical – a preference of the Chinese where happiness and luck are better in pairs.

Down the dining hall, is a large fabric embroidery wall design with a medley of Chinese-influenced fabric forms that conceal the entrances to two private dining rooms. The space is anchored with a ceiling feature adorned with over 400 hand blown glass pieces, giving the ceiling a noticeable presence. To cater to bigger groups of diners, the space is separated from the main dining hall with timber-stripped sliding doors, artfully demarcating the space and forming an intimate zone for gatherings and having a close-knit meal together with family and friends.

Each private dining room features warm oak timber strips, an original feature art piece and curved corners for a soft finishing. Inspired by its Mandarin homonym which refers to swallows (yàn zi or 燕子), a symbol of grace and beauty, 2 private dining room walls are lined with an art installation of a flight of swallows.

The 2,700 sq ft space seats 154 at its maximum operating capacity and is divided into a common dining hall with a flexible dining area and 3 private rooms; of which 2 private rooms can be combined to form a larger room. The main dining hall can sit up to 80 persons in total.

For reservations and enquiries, please call
+65 6384 5585 or email