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Wedding Planner

Planning way in advance gives you ample time to look into details like choosing your gown, selecting the menu, decoration of the ballroom, printing of invitations and others... ...

Months Things to Do

12 to 8 months

Wedding Date. Fix your wedding date.

Budget. Work out the total costs for the wedding and who pays for what?

Venue. Start looking for hotels/restaurant.  Some popular venue are being booked at least 18 months in advance.  Price, location & ambience are factors which you should consider.

Style. Do you prefer a Church Wedding or Traditional Chinese Wedding or a combination of both.

Vendors. You will also have to start looking for Bridal House, Photographer/Videographer or a Wedding Consultant/Planner. The Wedding Consultant/Planner can help you to arrange for most of the things while you just sit back & relax to wait for your big day.  They are great helpers if you have a tight working schedule.

8 to 5 months

Registry of Marriage.  Book the dates & make arrangement for Reception.  Start looking for ROM dresses & accessories.  Book date with make-up artist and arrange for trial.

Rings. Buy your engagement & wedding rings.  Allow more time if you intend to have them custom-made.

Bridal Party. Select your Maid of Honor/Best Man/Bridesmaid and Groomsmen and inform them.

Gowns & Suits. Make an appointment to select the gowns & suits. The Bride should start shopping for accessories, shoes and tiara, while the Groom shops for shirt, tie & shoes. (Note: To get all necessary items before the photography)

Honeymoon. Plan your honeymoon.   Decide on the location and make bookings.

6 to 4 months

Guest List. Confirm the no. of guests to be invitied and prepare a guest list.

Music. Select songs for your wedding day.

Photography. Make appointment for photography and fittings. 

Schedule for Wedding Day. Work out the schedule (note down the time & event which should take place), contact list & other necessary lists which are needed.

3 months

Gifts. Shop for gifts for Bridal Party & helpers.

Flowers. Discuss & confirm the theme & flowers with your florist for the hand bouquet, bridal car decoration and venue/church decoration.

Honeymoon. Finalize & make bookings.

2 months

Guest List. Finalize guest list & send out invitations.

Menu. Arrange for food-tasting.

Wedding Gifts. Send out Thank You notes.

Party. Arrange a small party for your Bridal Party and discuss with them the style & color theme of their outfits. Inform them of Wedding Day schedule & tasks.

1 month

RSVP. Confirm with your guest whether they will be attending.

Transportation. Arrange for transportation for Bridal Party.

3 weeks

Venue. Confirm menu & no. of guest attending. Finalize arrangements with Venue Co-ordinator (equipments (projector), song list and schedule of the Reception)

Flowers. Confirm with florist the theme & flowers.

2 weeks

Gifts Exchange (Chinese Custom). Pick an auspicious date and prepare items for the gift exchange.

Emergency Kit. Prepare the necessary items and put them in a bag. (You can ask your Maid of Matron/Bridesmaid for help to prepare)

Red Packet (Chinese Custom). Prepare Red packets for relevant parties.

1 week to 3 days

Gowns & Suits. Pick up gowns & suits from Bridal House.

Bridal Party. Confirm Wedding Day Schedule and tasks with the Bridal Party.

Rest, rest and more rest. You need ample rest to look your best.

Wedding Day

Relax, stay calm & SMILE.  It's your wedding day.


Contributed by Evon Ong.

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