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May 2024

Makeup Works

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Every bride's vision of what she should look like on her special day is unique. The team of veteran makeup artists and hairstylists at Makeup Works ensures that each bride looks and feels the way she has always dreamed of. Makeup Works believes that makeup artistry is akin to "painting on living canvas", with each canvas representing a different client and that is distinct in terms of shape, colour, and texture. Each canvas has a unique vision, opinion, and story, and must be treated specially when prepped, designed, and painted on to achieve a customised and flawless application. The makeup products are the mediums used by the artists, which are artfully layered and blended to achieve a desired effect. The makeup artists understand that no canvas or face is exactly like another, and that is what makes their work beautiful and exciting.

Services: Bridal makeup and hairstyling
Rates: Upon request
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