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We are Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique. You can visit our website at, or make an appointment by contacting us at +65 6338 9839 or

You can also find us at our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

At Luna Bianca, it’s all about sharing the “GEMS” that we have:

The Gowns The Experiences The Memories The Service

Established since 1990 formally known as Graceful Image Bridal and Studio, now known as Luna Bianca which also mean “The White Moon” in Italian.

Being around for 25 years, we are now the modern fairy god parents to make your dreams come true in our homely adobe.

Check us out on Instagram @lunabiancabridal!

You'll find a selection of our work below.

Meet with us so we can show you more of our portfolio. Email us at and tell us you found us on