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7 years experience in photography field as a Wedding & Portrait Photographer in Singapore & International.


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My husband and I had our AD wedding on 20-Dec-2014. We were sourcing out for an AD photographer and we chanced upon his works at the Singapore brides forum. We really like his photos and so I emailed him to ask him for the quotations. He promptly replied us and we agreed to set up a meeting with us to view more of his works. Kor is not pushy and is really sincere. Since we could click with him during our meeting and we like his works, it didn’t take long for us to confirm him as our AD Photographer and Videographer. Engaging Ric Kor Photography was one of the best decision that we had made. Kor is a very committed and creative photographer. One month before our wedding, he suggested to meet up with us to discuss about the wedding schedule, the must-take photos for the wedding (to ensure that the precious moments of our wedding are all well-captured) as well as planning the story line with us for our express highlight video. As a couple, we were both uncomfortable with giving a thank you speech during our wedding, but Kor had beautifully integrated the thank you speech that we had pre-recorded with him into our express highlight video. Many of our guests raved about our unique express highlight video. During the AD wedding, he directed me, my husband, our family members, jie meis and xiao dis on how to pose. His photos are interesting and are able to tell a story. What we really love are the family portraits that he had captured for us. Looking back at those photos not only bring back sweet memories of our wedding, but also remind us of our warm & fuzzy family love. Thank you Kor!
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