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Photography is not about finding beautiful people/places, but about finding the beauty in people/places


"Photography is not about finding beautiful people/places, but about finding the beauty in people/places."

Ombré's lead photographer Mike believes in capturing life as it happens and shares a strong passion for photography. As a photojournalistic photographer, he explores new angles to reinvent cliche shots. Similar to his shooting style, life is too complicated to put additional filters on his photographs. After all, real beauty is in the rawness of the photographs.

Beyond his job, his favourite forms of photography would be people and travel photography as he is deeply fascinated by the intricacies of human interaction and the wonders of nature. He also enjoys a nice case of beer from time to time.

As of June 2018, Mike is proud to join the Wedding Photojournalist Association. The Wedding Photojournalist Association is recognized for its members’ creativity and craft by leading wedding publications including BRIDES magazine. The WPJA reserves membership to select photographers around the world whose portfolios and practices demonstrate talent, expertise and client service in wedding photojournalism.



Bogdan & Nicole

56 Photos


Deen & Parvin

38 Photos


Luxi & Hong Ping

123 Photos


Saiful & Dhabitah

127 Photos


Saravanan & Chanthinamathi

119 Photos

Mike is a skilled photographer who tries to make people around him feel comfortable at all times. He makes candid shots look really stunning and memorable. He makes us feel relax and always remind us to just have fun during the photoshoot. I would definitely recommend this efficient one-snap-per-shot photographer to anyone out there for their special day!
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