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Overseas Pre-wedding Special

Limited to the first 5 couples! Loveinstills is offering an incredible overseas pre-wedding photography package, at only $2,000, inclusive of photographer’s airfare and accommodation! The package includes 1.5 shoot day, 30 artistic signature edit photos, and all photos returned. Plus, receive an additional 10% discount if you share their post on social media.

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Loveinstills is a bespoke wedding photography company.

As entering into marriage is a milestone in a couple's life, we at Loveinstills aims to introduce the same conceptualize shoot for our soon to be newlyweds that is of the highest standard and quality. Allowing our couples a full day of enjoyment with full confidence of their wedding will be well taken care of.

Our style is fun, non intrusive and cater to your needs without sacrificing on creativity and elegance.

We tell your wedding stories, through our lens


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Dilip & Usha

22 Photos

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ZenHao & XueYing

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20170515 brian rachel pw sc960 869

Brian & Rachel

18 Photos

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Freddy & Karen

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Kadson & Anna

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Leslie & Rachel

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Surya & Sheena

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Luc & Alicia

35 Photos

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4 Photos

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63 Photos

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I've known Sebestian (Loveinstills) from the events industry and when I saw his pictures, I knew he was a real talented photographer.

I got him onto my ROM day shoot only 2 days before the big day and yet I was confident that Sebestian could make it perfect for me and my wife. The photos turned out perfect, it was rich and there was life to it.

I would recommend Loveinstills to any couple because I am confident that his skills and style will make these important day photos turn out the best photos you'll ever have.

Thanks again Seb!
Lex woo

Lex Woo


We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Sebastian and his team @Loveinstills for capturing the gorgeous shots of us, for both pre-wedding as well as actual day.

Choosing the desired photographer was indeed a tough one, as there are so many photographers for us to select from! We adore the whimsical, quirky and naturalistic feel as compared to those heavily touched-up and pixelized ones. Sebastian is clearly the right choice if you have the same preference as us.

Sebastian is passionate throughout the whole preparation: meeting us weeks before the pre-wedding shoots to find out more about us, analysing with us the feasibility of choices of pre-wedding shoot venues and eventually immersing himself on the actual wedding day.

In addition, we would like to thank the following:

@Jolly&Miki: The photobooth was well-received by our guests during the 2 hour peri-banquet period. The prints were fast and the staff was professional.

@Glory Workz: The bespoke photo-album featuring the prewedding shoots is amazing. The book design is classic and stunning!

Once again, thank you Sebastian! You have captured those instants that will make us reminisce how joyful and enjoyable our wedding is. Loveinstills does live up to its name - where every moment is a painting =)

Chong Jin and Hui Lin

25 Feb 2017
Ng chong jin

Chong Jin & Hui Lin


A big thank you to loveinstills for capturing beautiful memories of our lives into quality images that we can share with our loves ones for lifetime.

The keyman behind this thoughtfully designed brandname, Sebastian is a passionate and capable professional photographer (some say he is an artist that paint with light, this description fits him nicely) that constantly seek to deliver the best for the couples who engaged him.

From pre-wedding videoshoot, customizing video/photo montage, actual day photography and videography, Sebastian and team had shown genuine interest in helping us capture those lovely moments we want to freeze and also enjoying the process while doing it.

Sebastian has been generous and helpful to us, willing to go the extra miles to capture precious moments and not calculative about time. His attitude and drive for delivering high standard services and experience is impressive, we are glad to have entrusted loveinstills with our wedding day photography and videography.

We would highly recommend loveinstills to friends and relatives who are looking around for someone to take one off their wedding preparation checklist. Check out what the artist that paint with lights can do for you!
Kerlina chan

Kerlina Chan






If you love what we do, and can't wait to start your wedding journey with us, we will be happy to meet up with you! For enquiries or to book an appointment with us, simply complete the form and we will contact you within 3 working days. Alternatively, you may also contact us at:

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