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In LMP Production, we embrace the value of storytelling in our production of photo and video.


The origin of storytelling could be dated back as early as the beginning of human race. Be it in the form of a rock art, an artefact or word of mouth passing down from generation to generation, it shapes our understanding of human history. Today, the medium of storytelling has evolved to incredibly stunning appearance. From the traditional tools of newspapers, story book, or radio broadcast, to the modern approach of TV program, internet blog or social media, and even to the soon-to-be popular technique of future such as hologram or virtual reality, we are spoilt with unlimited choices. Interestingly, photo and video are nonetheless two of the most important elements in vast majority of these mediums.

In LMP Production, we embrace the value of storytelling in our production of photo and video. From a product, a corporate message, to a wedding of couple, we carefully craft their story in a genuine and eye-catching style. Sharing great stories become our utmost priority mission. Ultimately, we wish to inspire people surrounding us sharing great stories to spread their love and hope in creating a better world.





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Brendon & Lilian - A Wedding Proposal

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Kok Hong & Linzy Wedding Lunch Same Day Edit


Tony & Su Jun Wedding Dinner Same Day Edit


Ernie & XinWei Church Wedding Same Day Edit

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Thank you Chee Kin, Ignatius and Kah Chun for your help. You guys are wonderful and have delivered a same day edit that is beyond our expectations.

Thanks for capturing our memories, and to work your magic within the limited content that we have since we have no gatecrashing. Many of our guests complimented the videos and we would like to pass the compliments to your team. Cheekin have been very patient to listen to our needs and to provide valuable suggestions.

Highly recommended to all who is planning for a videography service for their big day.

Jacquelin Chan

Thanks for giving us the most memorable videography in our once-in-a-lifetime event. We loved the final products when the pieces are rearranged by you. Our parents thought its really beautifully cut and pieced too.

Special thanks to Andrew and Ignatius for running 12 flights of stairs with us, it's really sporting of you guys.

It's really a job well done, we look forward to seeing the rest of the productions! Keep it up!

Whye Kin

Woo Whye Kin

Dearest Chee Kin and team,

We were drawn to how warm and affable you are from the day we met you. Our decision to engage you for our wedding videography has been nothing short of wonderful. The quality of your work and your perfect moments have left us utterly impressed. Many a times, we caught you grinning at our joyous moments. Indeed we are right that you are a person who takes your work seriously and with passion. Thank You for being with us on the most important day of our lives. May your work continue to shine, may your team grow strong and successful.

Karen Lim






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