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IDOWEDDING specialises in one-stop solution of Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Korea. Live your celebrity wedding dream as star photographers capture you in your chic handmade designer gowns, trend leading korean hair & make-up styling etc.

IDOWEDDING will help you crystallize that special moment and emotions into images - images so powerful that the happiest day of your life would feel just like yesterday.

IDOWEDDING is also the pioneer in offering Korea destination outdoor wedding photography. From ancient palaces, seasonal sceneries and romantic drama locations, we offers the most scenic and picturesque locations in Korea for your Korean Outdoor Wedding Photo.​



Donald & Michelle

20 Photos

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Vallop & Grace

13 Photos

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Dominic & Man Wing

35 Photos


Andrew & Michelle

18 Photos

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Alexandra & Angela

13 Photos

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Kimsoon & Huimman

36 Photos

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Daniel & Attica

33 Photos

Thank you I-Do wedding for the memorable experience :) Special thanks to Emily and team for the coordination and passing us the unedited CD even on a public holiday so we could quickly view and do our selection. There are in total 777shots to choose from! They literally gave us all the photos. We are very thankful to have Gina assistance. It was raining and freezing cold during the outdoor shoot and she lent me her shawl even though she was cold herself. Really appreciate it. The assistant(we addressed as imo) was very caring and motherly. She even use her hands to rub my arms so i feel warmer and that really warmed my heart too :) We were impressed with our outdoor photographer too. It was raining and cold that we almost feel like giving up, but he was so professional, he insisted he must finish his job. With an umbrella on one hand, and a camera on another, plus the heavy rain, we didn't thought our photos will turn out okay. In fact, the unedited copy turned out beautifully. Looking forward to our edited ones and once again, thank you:)
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Chen Wenjuan




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