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Emcee Raveen Thedj


A Professional Emcee, a Detailed Program Planner, an Event Coordinator, a Risk adviser, Fun and Energy Creator, which includes dance, act, songs, drama and games!

Be it an intimate solemnization or an extensive ceremony, Raveen keeps the ambiance right and keeps up the joyous spirit of everyone in a celebratory mood.

Event Preparation Works
· Detailed Programme coordination and planning
· Event venue recce for technical and visual planning
· Music and songs planning

On Your Event Day
· Execution of the plans smoothly
· Coordinate with the relevant parties ( Photography, videography banquet, artiste etc)
· Rapport building with family and guests
· Toasting ceremony (Guide and Hype)

About Raveen Thedj

Excellence in Motion, Orchestrating Your Occasion
In the emcee Industry, particularly in the context of weddings, one does stand out, the charismatic Raveen Thedj. With an impressive two decades of professional experience, Raveen is known for his boundless energy in his performances, quick wit, and humor. He captivates guest and create unforgettable memories.

Guest Centric
Emcee Raveen is known for his guest-centric approach to planning the flow of weddings. He tailors the event to the preferences and needs of the guests, ensuring that their experience is at the forefront of his planning.

The Jester with a Mic
Raveen's standout quality is undeniably his humor and wit. He doesn't merely host events; he turns them into uproarious celebrations. With his sharp wit and a talent for finding humor in everyday situations, he consistently leaves audiences in stitches. Raveen's impeccable comedic timing guarantees that every moment he spends on stage is not only entertaining but also etched in the memory of his audience.

A Living Dynamo of Energy
If you've ever witnessed Raveen Thedj in action, you'd know that he's not just an emcee; he's a human energy generator. His infectious enthusiasm can electrify even the most reserved crowd. Raveen knows how to keep the energy levels soaring throughout the event, infusing an unmistakable vibrancy into the atmosphere.

Mastering the Art of Bilingual Charm
One of Raveen Thedj's standout attributes is his exceptional bilingual prowess. Fluent in English and slapstick jokes in Tamil, he effortlessly bridges language barriers, creating an inclusive and engaging atmosphere at every event he hosts. Whether a global corporate gathering or a local cultural celebration, Raveen ensures that language is never a barrier to communication and enjoyment.

In the ever-evolving world of entertainment, emcees like Raveen Thedj are a rare gem. His gift of humor, his boundless energy, and his unwavering professionalism make him a beloved figure in the industry. When Raveen steps onto the stage, you can be certain that you're in for an evening of entertainment that transcends expectations and lingers in your memory.


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We decided to seek Raveen as the MC for our wedding and we are so glad we did! Remember, our event was held with COVID regulations; We need an exceptional person! (Since bands/songs/entertainment were not permitted). Not only does Raveen seem like a safe option with a lot of experience, but he also has a great personality and gives his craft a unique sound! He is multi-lingual (fluent in Tamil and English).

Bhavani Sangkari

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Raveen was very understanding, outgoing, spoke in Tamil and English. The music coordination and the sync was too good. Entertained the guests and kids with games and interactions. Fulfilled with his experience and his well wishes in an unique way, like how you spend your time with the phone, that's how much we gotta spend with out partner. Loved it and would recommend and engage again
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Anvar Hussain

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We engaged Raveen to emcee at our wedding and that was the best decision made. He entertained our guest throughout the wedding, making it an even memorable one. He also took the initiative to understand us and our groups of guests before the wedding, as part of the preparation for the event. Worth every $$$$ so do not hesitate to engage him!!!!
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Ian Toh

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Raveen was an expert at advising on how to create a successful wedding as well as engaging and entertaining the audience with his humor and hosting skills.
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Debra Goh

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It was our absolute pleasure having you as our Emcee for my ROM. You did a fantastic job,I appreciated your cool, calm and collected approach. Thank you so much 💯
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We decided to seek Raveen as Emcee for our wedding and are so happy to have done so! Keep in mind, our event was held with Covid regulations; we needed an exceptional individual! (Since a band/singing/entertainment was not allowed).

Raveen with much experience, not only seemed like the safest option, but he has a great personality and a unique sound in delivering his craft! He is multi-lingual (fluent in Tamil and English). He provided clear guidance/advice and provided assurance to us.

Needless to say, our wedding celebration went smoothly to success! Raveen did a fantastic job at managing the crowd with his energetic, funny, entertaining style of engagement! The crowd was pleased as they shared feedback with us!

Would highly recommend his service! Thanks, Raveen!!

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Loga Vihaan

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I engaged Raven as our emcee for my son’s birthday lunch last weekend. I must say that he is really very professional on stage and off stage. When he was on stage, very funny guy, always engaging us and the guests, and he kept hearing laughter from the crowd! Very good feedback from my guest as well!
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Chandra Segaran

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We were very nervous before the start of the wedding but Raveen assured us that it was our special day and what we had to do was enjoy the moment and receive all the blessings from our loved ones, all the hard work and planning to leave it with him. Indeed, very smooth wedding with no issues (Or maybe he solved it without us knowing).
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Raj Kamal

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Mr Raveen Thedj and his son did a great job for my bro and sis-in-law's wedding reception. He entertains the guests very well... Overall, my family was very happy and pleasure to have him and his son for our event

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Durka Devi

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