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Blush Artisan Cakes

Founded based on the elements of design and the creation of edible art.


We are a 100% Muslim Owned Business. Blush Artisan Cakes was founded based on the elements of design and the creation of edible art. Each customised cake is elegantly crafted and mixed with high-grade quality flavours. We do customised wedding cakes, cupcakes, macarons and cakelets.


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Everything looks so perfect to me. I had a great day and my guests came to ask about my cake. They love it. So thank you for being part of my wedding and working with me on my dream cake ☺️
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Eileen & Yi Wei

The cake was a hit and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Thank you so much for your amazing service and being super patient to our million and one questions! Every flavour was delicious and my family and I can’t stop eating it! And it definitely lasted for hours even with buttercream as you advised.
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Anna & Rakin

Thank you for making such a beautiful cake for us on our solemnisation, the cake is really nice and the macaroons is sooooo tasty
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Daphne & Shafiq

I've been waiting for you to do my cakes since 2 years ago before i even thought of getting married. And now im here. Thank you thank you thank you so much love! Everyone loved how it tasted too!
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Dinah & Haiqal

Recently my friend ordered from you guys and the cake tasted really nice and looked very pretty!! So recommended it to my sister!
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Asraff & Ashiqah

Thank you for being part of my wedding. Couldn’t get over the wedding cake!!! So delicious everyone loves it.
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Ahmad & Nazirah




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