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November 2019

Dayoung and Shumann’s Surprise Proposal in Marina Bay

After dating long-distance and FaceTiming all the time, Toronto-based Shumann surprised Dayoung with a Marina Bay proposal on their trip to Singapore so the couple could finally be together.

Hailing from Toronto, Shumann Je, 33, Assistant Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, fell in love at first sight with Dayoung Kim, 27, Registered Nurse, when he met her in Korea. After spending many hours on the phone and on FaceTime with each other, Shumann realised that he couldn’t live without Dayoung, and decided to surprise her with a Marina Bay proposal on their trip to Singapore, with the help of John Lim Photography.

How did the two of you meet?

Shumann: We met in Korea while I was visiting to attend my best friend’s wedding. She was working as a nurse in the same hospital as one of my doctor friends, and he introduced me to her. It was love at first sight; I swear she had a glow around her, especially when she laughed. Then we talked, and we couldn’t stop talking for the entire day!

What do you love most about your partner?

Shumann: Well… this is difficult because I love everything about her! If I had to pick, I’d have to say I love her smile and her laugh – those two things make me forget everything else in life and I look forward to making her laugh for the rest of my life.

Was having a long-distance relationship difficult for you?

Shumann: Some of the challenges we faced include time zone difference (13 hours between Seoul and Toronto), not being able to see each other when we wanted to for months on end, and planning our trip together while we were apart (Singapore was our first stop, with Bali and Sydney immediately after). We talked and FaceTimed for hours on end while we were apart – I believe our record is 14.5 hours. Time flew by very quickly as we were both so happy with each other. Being apart made us appreciate each other more, and brought our hearts closer together. This is when I decided I would propose to Dayoung; I could not live without her. I’m happy to tell you that she is now with me, here in Toronto. We plan to get married in Korea next fall.

How did you plan the surprise proposal with John Lim Photography?

Shumann: Part of the reason we chose Singapore as the first stop on our trip was because it was on both of our bucket lists. I found John Lim Photography through a photo that had come up on my image search, and I contacted him through Instagram to get more details. I wanted to make this moment unforgettable for both of us, and because we were staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, the rooftop infinity pool was of course on the short list of proposal settings. I had scoped out the pool by myself when I got to the hotel, but it was way too crowded to be the perfect spot for my proposal.

John then suggested that he place a video camera at a secret location and that he would be in hiding with the camera ready when I led Dayoung to the pre-arranged spot. It went exactly as planned, and I can’t thank John enough as the photos came out absolutely beautiful and she was totally in awe. We plan to use them on our photo collage during our wedding.

Tell us how you felt during your Marina Bay proposal.

Shumann: Hmm… aside from massive butterflies in my stomach and the sound of my heartbeat being so loud that I was afraid she (and maybe even John!) would hear it? Of course, I was beaming from ear to ear when she said yes but I have to be honest–up to that moment, I was nervous as hell! The few seconds I knelt in front of her felt like hours. I had practised a few lines that seemed sweet at the time, but when the time came, I simply told her that I want nothing other than to be with her for the rest of my life, because I simply couldn’t imagine living a life without her. She was almost in tears when she said yes.

Was it difficult to plan the surprise proposal from overseas?

Shumann: Now that we have seen your work, we would definitely recommend SingaporeBrides to any of our friends or family who wish to get married or engaged in Singapore!

Credits: Images by John Lim Photography

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