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December 2016

Adeline and Jake’s Heartfelt Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore

Adeline and Jake got to know each other better over extra-mile IT service and coincidental meetings on the MRT platform, engineered by Jake! Five beautiful years of courtship and dating later, the happy couple wed in a rustic wedding.

Adeline Koh Shuhan, 26, Senior Healthcare Industry Executive and Jake Tan Xin Quan, 32, Senior Systems Analyst tell a tale of good, old-fashioned courtship that ends in happily ever after. Winning Adeline’s heart with chivalry and romance, Jake then won her hand with a not-so-surprise proposal and a completely surprising one-of-a-kind ring. Read about their happy wedding day on 2 October 2016 at Pan Pacific Singapore with their wedding video done by Unique-Colours Creative Media.

Watch the wedding highlights by Unique-Colours Creative Media here

How did the two of you meet?

Jake: We first met in February 2011. Adeline was a fresh graduate and was at the HR office of my workplace for a job interview. I happened to be at the right place at the right time! She was doing an interview test and noticed my presence when I reached for something right above her. She turned and asked if I needed help. “Whoa, so cute,” were the three words that came to my mind when I saw her.

It did not occur to me that we would ever meet again. But a few days later, I saw her in the same building and it was her first day at work! A colleague formally introduced us to each other and that was how I got to know her. Our only interaction was when I attended to her IT queries and issues. Slowly, I found myself wanting to see her more! So I had to come up with 101 reasons to pop by her desk and talk to her. Haha!

Adeline: To be honest, he didn’t make a very good impression when we first met at the HR office because he was so distracting! Thankfully, the colleague who introduced us was all praises for his being responsive and proactive, so my impression of him changed. Slowly, I started seeing more of him. He would make a detour to walk past my desk and pop by regularly to “check on my laptop,” without me asking for assistance. I thought he was being “proactive” as described by my colleague! I was quite oblivious to his feelings for me, until colleagues started pointing out to me the special treatment our department was receiving. Then I started seeing him even after work because he would stage coincidental meetings with me at the train station so that he could talk to me. Super amusing!

Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 35Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 34Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 33Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 32]Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 31Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 29

What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Jake: What I like most about Adeline is that she always does the silliest things that make me laugh. We term her silly moments the “Shuhan’s moments.” She is clumsy yet adorable in her own way. When she tries to pour water into cups, she would end up spilling the water on the table. When she eats, she would drop pieces of food on the table and try to hide it from me because she knows I would tease her. Every time she is caught red-handed, she would give me this innocent look and I must admit that look of hers makes my knees weak! These Shuhan’s moments mean a lot to me as they contributed to my growing love for her.

Adeline: The courtship was really what drew me to him! Jake is really a go-getter. He was so persistent, yet sweet and thoughtful, and very open about his feelings for me. I never regretted accepting his love, because we spent a beautiful five years together since. In these five years, I have witnessed his gentleness, his loving heart, and his caring nature. He has always been accepting and forgiving of me and my Shuhan’s moments, and he speaks nothing but good about me to our family and friends. He treats my family and friends with care and kindness, which shows me that his love for me extends to people relative to me. His patience towards me also stayed unwavering despite my wilfulness, and he always chooses to read my words positively even though I can be quite tactless when I’m upset.

Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 28Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 26Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 25Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 24Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 23Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 22Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 21Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 20Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 19Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 18Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 17Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 16Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 15

What was the proposal like?

Jake: I started sourcing for the engagement ring about seven months before the proposal. I wanted to get her a ring that is one-of-a-kind, but it was difficult to find one off the rack that matches my requirements. Though I am never artistically inclined, I decided to design the ring myself and had it customised. The ring setting has intertwining vines, representing how our two lives had come together as one. To make it exclusively ours, I added our initials, a “J” and an “A”, to the ring.

A few months before the proposal, Adeline was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she stumbled across a photo of her ring uploaded by the jeweller. Not knowing that it’s actually hers, she went all gaga over the ring and told me that this is the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. I was so surprised, amused and relieved, but had to keep a straight face and convince her that this ring is probably someone else’s.

I proposed to her during a staycation at ONE°15 Marina Club on our fourth anniversary. After a nice romantic dinner at Quayside Isle, I popped the question in our hotel room. She was dumbfounded to see the exact same ring in the box. It was one of the happiest moments in my life when she said “Yes”!

Adeline: Jake always finishes his food, so when he couldn’t that night, I knew he was nervous about something and sort of guessed that he would be proposing! Just when I was secretly proud of myself for being so sharp-witted, the ring really, really caught me by surprise!

Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 14Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 12Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 11Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 10

What was the theme of your wedding?

Adeline: Rustic! We wanted something light and cheery so I chose soft colors and wood for decorations and flowers. I bought most of the items from Taobao and saved quite a bit without compromising on quality and style!

I have never been good with crafts (like what Jake says, I’m clumsy!), but thankfully I have a cousin who is extremely good with his hands. He handmade our angbao boxes and decorated the album table for us. We received a lot of compliments from our guests on that!

Another thing we were extremely proud of is the homemade video we prepared. Jake and I documented many of our fun dates and travels through video recording. We wanted to share these precious memories with our guests so we decided to put together a video montage. We made countless changes to the video before we were both happy with the final product. We played the video beside our wedding album table so guests could choose to watch the video first if the album is unavailable. It was truly satisfying to see our guests crowding around the laptop to watch the montage. We even had friends asking us if we hired a professional to create the montage! We also did our own childhood montage and pre-wedding photo montage. We spent a lot of time and effort DIY-ing these videos, but it was definitely worth it. Till date, Jake and I still reminisce and watch the videos together at least once a week!

Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 9Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 8Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 7Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 6Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and AdelineWedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 4Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 3Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore Jake and Adeline 2

What was your wedding day like?

Jake: Everything was fast-moving as we had both our solemnisation and lunch banquet on the same day. We started our day at around 4am. During our planning, we had to strategise our route so that we could maximise our day. We were very thankful to our families, groomsmen, bridesmaids and hotel staff for their support. Overall, we were glad and happy to hear compliments from our guests on the food, set-up, and hotel service. I remember sitting in silence with Adeline in our bridal suite after the wedding, both of us still trying to register the fact that we were finally married!

Adeline: I was very happy to see our family and friends at the wedding and couldn’t sit still at the banquet. My mom was nagging at me because I was running around to talk to our guests instead of sitting elegantly at the table! Many of my friends told me after the event that they could tell I was genuinely enjoying myself at the wedding and that made my guests happy too! My only regret is not having enough time to mingle with my guests, but I’m glad they were all very understanding.

Can you share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Jake: The most memorable moment of the wedding for us was the dance we put up together during our second march-in. The cheers and claps were a validation that our guests were enjoying themselves and that was exactly what we wanted.

I must really thank Adeline for gifting me this memorable moment. She was initially against the idea of a dance as we would not have time to rehearse on the actual day and she felt that it was too risky. But seeing how much I wanted something unique for our march-in, she gave in to my request and choreographed the dance. Just two weeks before the wedding, we made a trip down to Pan Pacific and spent two hours outside the ballroom rehearsing! By doing so, we managed to get a rough idea of the length of the aisle and had so much fun practicing together. We are quite curious what security thinks of us though… I’m sure the CCTV camera outside the ballroom must have captured us practicing!

Can you tell us the cost of your wedding, and your number of guests?

Jake: The cost of our wedding was approximately $50,000. We had 300 guests for lunch.

The Gown: Rico-A-Mona
The Bride’s Shoes: Taobao
The Suit: Rico-A-Mona
The Groom’s Shoes: Rad Russel // Passporte
The Engagement Ring: JannPaul
The Wedding Bands: JannPaul
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Taobao
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Taobao
The Venue: Pan Pacific Singapore
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Keith Tan
The Wedding Cake: Pan Pacific Singapore
The Event Stylist: Bride’s cousin
The Pre-Wedding Photographers: Gustu Hendra and Romy Permana from Maxtu Photography in Bali // Charlie Lim from Rico-A-Mona in Singapore
The Wedding Day Photographer: Ivan Lim from Unique-Colours Creative Media
The Videographer: Adrian Oh from Unique-Colours Creative Media
The Photobooth:
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Pan Pacific Singapore
The Solemniser: Mr Lim Tze Beng
The Wedding Car: Groom’s own

Credits: Images by Unique-Colours Creative Media

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Adeline and Jake’s Heartfelt Wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore