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April 2015

With You By My Side

From the moment he went down on one knee at Capella Singapore’s Bob Bar, Dawn and Roy knew exactly where to say their “I Do’s” and celebrate their happy union. Learn how our couple threw a memorable celebration by keeping it simple yet timeless, while keeping their eyes on what mattered the most on that special day of theirs.

Dawn Li, 30, in Public Service & Roy Goh, 35, Lawyer
6 July 2014

Her Wedding Gown: Silhouette the Atelier
His Suit: Silhouette the Atelier
Tea Ceremony Cheongsam: Time Taken To Make A Dress
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Love, Bonito
Wedding Band: Sparkle Music
The Wedding Venue: Capella Singapore
Hair and makeup Artist: Joey Chan from Silhouette the Atelier
The Photographer: Chris Ling International Photographers
Wedding Planning:

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Share with us some insights on your wedding planning.

We were very fortunate to have a smooth-sailing planning process. I guess it was because we kept our eyes on the big picture, that it was more important for our families and friends to enjoy themselves on our special day than to nitpick on the smaller, nitty-gritty details like the colour of the fonts on the wedding invites. I also wanted to keep everything simple, classic and timeless – something I wouldn’t cringe at when I looked back on in 20 years or more. So, instead of a specific wedding theme, I decided on a colour palette of gold and dusty pink.

We approached our wedding tasks pretty methodically. I was in charge of finding us a wedding photographer and my wedding outfits, while Roy took charge of liaising with the hotel’s wedding coordinator for our dinner banquet and finding his wedding outfit and shoes. I decided to visit my shortlisted boutiques with my mother  to spare him the agony of going through multiple rounds of endless gown-trying and contemplation.

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How was the actual day like?

It was the best day of our lives! Everything went smoothly, all thanks to our fabulous friends, albeit there were a few hiccups along the way. But what’s a major event without a few minor glitches? So, when Roy forgot to bring his shirt and I forgot about our parents’ corsages, I reminded myself that all we needed to get married were our identification cards, marriage certificate and the Justice of Peace!

Everyone was impressed with the impeccable service shown at the wedding banquet and loved the extremely delicious food! Honestly, the day went by in a flash and we wished we had more time to spend with each of our guests.

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Share with us some memorable moments that you hold dear from that special day.

I have many moments from that day that I hold dear and one of them was my late grandmother’s attendance at my wedding. I was really happy that she got to witness the wedding before she passed away just recently. The moment when I marched in with my parents during my solemnisation was especially memorable as well.

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