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November 2013

A Grand Celebration

For Angelene Teo, 27, lawyer and Chua Si Wei, 30, lawyer, it doesn’t matter who caught whose eyes during their law school days. What’s more important for them is the knowledge that they’ll be spending the rest of their lives together from now on. Although their proposal was an intimate and heartwarming affair, their wedding celebration was anything but intimate. Watch how our couple managed to pull off a 77-table wedding banquet with the hotel’s help and centered their wedding celebration around their guests’ enjoyment on 27 April 2013.

Tell us about your wedding preparation.

We didn’t exactly set a theme for our wedding. Instead, we stuck to pink, red and grey as our go-to colours for the day. We left the preparations to our hotel because we were more focused on wanting our good friends to enjoy the day as much as we did rather than adding frills or DIY decorations.


We heard it was a big wedding. Tell us more about your actual day!

The morning started with the customary gate-crashing ceremony where Si Wei and his 12 brothers came dressed up as mahjong tiles! After the traditional tea ceremony was completed, we adjourned to the hotel for an intimate solemnisation ceremony. We had 77 tables at our wedding banquet and to be honest, we don’t really remember speaking to every one of our guests! The banquet couldn’t start on time as well because our guests had trouble parking and finding empty parking lots– our guess is that we maxed out the hotel’s carpark! And due to the size of our dinner banquet, in place of the usual table photo-taking, we had Pushmedia labs capture portrait photographs of our guests while Darryl from Tinydot Photography captured the rest of the evening for us. After all that excitement, we rounded the night up with an after-party at The Royal Room. It was only then that we got to speak to our friends.

What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

All our guests really enjoyed themselves at our wedding! We put extra care in ensuring that our guests would have a good time at our wedding and made sure that there was more than enough alcohol for everyone. Most of them were pretty amazed that we managed to pull off a 77-table wedding without any major glitches.

Were there any particular moments of your wedding day that were especially special to you?

For me, I remember being so excited the night before that I couldn’t really sleep so I was really tired during my entire wedding day. Our first meal as husband and wife in our hotel room after the banquet ended was particularly special, as the realisation that we were now married began to sink in.


The Venue: Mandarin Orchard Singapore
The Videographer: CP Wong from Moving Pics
The Photographer: Darryl from Tinydot Photography

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