Wedding Lunch Schedule??

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  1. rjwedding

    rjwedding New Member

    I'm helping my friend to plan for her wedding lunch next year. Anyone has a wedding lunch schedule to share with me?? Pls PM me can?? Thank so much!!
  2. yvonnech2

    yvonnech2 New Member

    mine is a wedding lunch - solemnisation, tea ceremony, luncheon - all in the restuarant...

    email me if want detail.
  3. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    Hi R&J, I'm also a wedding lunch. can email me at for my schedule. Same as Yvonne, we are doing solemnization, tea ceremony and luncheon all together.

    But tea ceremony for parents and siblings will take place in the morning when my HTB come to fetch me

    Have ur friend found a venue yet?
  4. rjwedding

    rjwedding New Member

    Hi Yvonne & Jol,

    Sent my request to the both of you. Thanks so much..

    Yes, my friend found the venue already.. just that need to know how the schedule like for lunch reception.. but they will not have solemnisation, cos they already ROM-ed..
  5. keetkeet

    keetkeet New Member

    Hi Yvonne, Jol

    I hv also emailed both of you for the wedding lunch schedule. I am also planning for lunch, solemnization and tea ceremony all by lunch.

    Thank Q!
  6. monkie

    monkie New Member

    mine is:
    morning pick up bride at 7am, go love nest, go hotel.
    reach hotel at 9.30, spend some time settle down.
    MUA come around 10am, finish make up by 10.40.
    solemnisation at 11.30.
    11.40-12pm - tea ceremony for groom side
    12-1 stand by at cock tail area to welcome guest
    lunch start at 1pm
    finish lunch at 3.30pm
    4pm leave for mother's place for tea ceremony.
    finish everything by 6pm.
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  7. jopp

    jopp New Member

    hi cynthia, noticed that ur tea ceremony for bride side is post that's provided ur mom is ok with it ya?
    i'm still in a dilemma to hv mine as luncheon or dinner...[​IMG] cos my concern is the tea ceremony...had a mental run through of my program sequence and it seems like not enuf time to fulfill both side parents and relatives BEFORE lunch banquet starts.

    any sound advice fm fellow brides?
  8. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    Hi R&J and Kel - my schedule as below:-

    6am - Bride wakes up and do own MU and hairstyle
    7am - Fetch Bride, follow by tea ceremony for bride's parents
    7.45am - Depart to Groom's place
    8.15am - Tea Ceremony for groom's parents
    8.45am - Arrival of MUA
    10.30am - Depart to outdoor wedding at Japanese Garden
    11.15am - Start of solemnization (only for immediate families and very close friends)
    11.30 - End of solemnzation. Photo Shoot in the garden
    12pm - Canapes and Cocktail
    1pm - Buffet Lunch commence
    1.45pm - Group Photo
    2pm - Toasting and Thank you Speech + Group Photo (con't)
    2.30pm - Tea Ceremony for groom's relatives, then bride's relatives + Group Photo (con't)
    3pm - Guests to depart. Adventurous guests can stay behind and mingle till 5pm
    5pm - Bride & groom going for a drive around the island

    my AD is 6 Dec 2008. 8 Dec is a PH. So I am returning home to my mother's place on that day. Follow old tradition [​IMG]

    No gate crashing. Morning tea ceremony only for parents and start at Bride's place first. Relatives not invited. We were adviced by 'shifu' to complete the tea ceremony in 2 hours coz that is supposely to be the auspicious hours for us. He said it is ok to do tea ceremony later for relatives.

    Casual dress code. No emcee, no march in, no cake cutting, no champagne pouring. 3 yum sam cut to 1 yum sam. We will give thank you speech and do a montage to show our overseas PS.
  9. monkie

    monkie New Member

    my tea ceremony is post lunch. because my parents did invite her friends over for a buffet dinner. so got to be post lunch. also for convenience purpose.
  10. rjwedding

    rjwedding New Member

    Hi Cynthia & Jol,

    Thanks for your schedules...

    Jol: u doing ur own makeup.. so nice..

    i've told my friend about the different schedules available for her lunch wedding.. think she will have all her tea ceremony at the hotel.. so not too rush.. what u girls think??
  11. monkie

    monkie New Member

    good idea to have tea ceremony all at hotel.
    i have no regrets to have wedding lunch because my event ends at 6pm where I still can have a romantic dinner with my hubby...

    though i have lesser time for photography ..but wedding lunch also can save lots of money.
  12. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    R&J - heh heh, morning ceremony only seen by family so can afford not to be very pro. The truth is, I just want to catch more zzzZZZ :p

    agree with cynthia, tea ceremony at hotel sounds great.

    Cynthia - I was still thinking what we do other than driving around but after seeing your post, I also want a romantic dinner! Think I will surprise him to work my brain and conjure something. My HTB is a 'wooden block'. If I want some got to do it my way
  13. monkie

    monkie New Member

    hi jol..
    i love lunch cos our time will be fully maximise. i see my friends who has wedding dinner, their noon will be spent taking pictures or resting in hotel and I think its a waste of time. then that time, from 2-5pm, PG& VG will also need rest. then even is so call rest, they also have to entertain their friends and relatives.

    i rather have sometime private together with my hubby... drive around is good..maybe just drive to a more quiet places like mandai orchard garden to dine there, or pasir ris resort and sentosa for a nice dinner there.
    or you can dine in in your room... if you hold ur wedding in a hotel, you can request for dinning vouchers.
  14. rjwedding

    rjwedding New Member

    hmm.. all ur suggestions sound great!! think my friend made a good choice.. i regretted not having lunch too.. mine is dinner, and as what u all said.. i didn't have rest in between too..
  15. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    cynthia - I share your sentiments! By having lunch, we can make full use of the whole day and use the night for some private time together. its a gd time to unwind from all the excitement and not worry about other things. can also conserve energy for *clear throat* night exercise hAhAHA

    neh, no hotel. we are holding our wedding at Japanese Garden. Sentosa sounds good. Its not like everyday we have car. Settle, sentosa it is! Thanks Cynthia for the fabulous suggestion *hugs*
  16. monkie

    monkie New Member

    hehe...night exercise..AHEM!!!!!

    u hold ur wedding in chinese garden..? hmm near to where I stay. where is ur lovenest? skully we neighbours.
  17. monkie

    monkie New Member

    hi R&J
    lunch is still quite new in singapore but in malaysia is very common..its not so widely accepted here.

    ppl always tend to assume, lunch = buffet so in my wedding card, i have to stress that 8 course lunch is served to prevent ppl give me AP for buffet..then i really lose lots of money for sure.
  18. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    kekeke thats why I clear throat mah...UM HMM

    At Japanese Garden, x Chinese Garden. There is a sheltered resthouse where we will host the lunch and our solemnization will be at a small 'island'. I think I will post a few photos on my multiply

    Love nest in Yishun [​IMG] staying with my in-laws
  19. monkie

    monkie New Member

    oh..sad..i thought u r my neighbour...haha..
    yishun, near to my in laws, they stay sembawang..
  20. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    well...I stayed in Jurong East so also considered your neighbour [​IMG] Yishun v far away from my current place so I am a bit sad. But staying with in-laws has its merits =p I know I'll be fed well woah hahaha!!
  21. monkie

    monkie New Member

    oic jol..

    its nice to stay with in law. i have stay with parents in law for nearly 4 months before they decided to stay with my SIL in sembawang.
  22. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    a lot of friends all asked me to think twice about staying with in laws. I just told them I will give it a try. If really cannot live together, then we will look for a flat. But then again, to leave the old parents in a house seems cruel. I shudder that the thought that my parents will have to be on their own. Been trying to persuade them to move in with my youngest sis but they not keen. I know they prefer our own home as there is more freedom. To stay under the roof of others is not as easy, even though the 'others' is none other than their daughter and SIL. Still, there is a noe wat I mean?
  23. monkie

    monkie New Member

    i understand...
    my FIL is someone who is home proud and always want to improve on his house. like he will buy things for "enhancement" or he will re-arrange the things as and when he think can be better if done another way...etc

    but now, he stay with his daughter and also his son in law..he got to remind himself to stop buying things for the house because the house doesn't belong to him. what he think is good, doesn't mean the owner will like.

    as for re-arranging the things, he feel so bored without leting his creative juice flow since now most of the things don't belong to him anymore.
  24. sylmc

    sylmc New Member

    hey, did we two just take over this discussion forum?? woah hahaha

    kekeke, bet your FIL is figeting and bored to tears right now. It is true that one cannot do things freely coz not his home after all. He might even has to adjust his habits to suit the house's owner.

    By the way, when is your AD?
  25. monkie

    monkie New Member

    haha...shy shy...
    my FIL...really bored he like to explore all around Singapore to look for things he like ..such as furniture, containers..he like to pack his things in orderly manner using containers..he really merticulous. i tease him that he is my idol. cos i also like to arrange my things using containers.

    my AD was 23 dec counting down to my wedding anniversary..yeah!
  26. lynette_ling

    lynette_ling New Member

    Cynthia, which hotel did you hold your wedding lunch? How come ended so early at 3pm?
  27. erppict

    erppict New Member

    Hi, anyone held their wedding ceremony in late afternoon (after 5pm?) and then for the sit down wedding dinner?
    I am tying the knot next year ;p and my main concern is the timing for the ceremony as there will be about 50 guests only. The ceremony can't be too early or the guest will have nothing to do, and can't be at the same time as the dinner because there will be late comers.
    Pls PM me can?? Thank so much!!
  28. ywp

    ywp New Member

    Hi Hilynn,

    Your PM isn't activated... [​IMG]
  29. cheryllim07

    cheryllim07 New Member

    Hi All,
    I'll be holding a wedding lunch. But i have no idea about the AD itinerary as it will be very rush. Can someone enlighten me or share with me your past experience?
  30. houseoflove

    houseoflove New Member

    Wondering for those who are having wedding lunch or already have their wedding lunch, did you have your MU artist do a second makeup and hair-do for you? Or do you make do with the morning one and just touch up?
  31. october

    october New Member

    I'm having a wedding lunch too. I'm just getting my MUA to do 1 make-up in the morning. Will touch-up myself before lunch.
    But as I'm doing a photoshoot after lunch, I got my MUA to come over after lunch to re-set my hair.
  32. crypaz

    crypaz New Member

    Hi cath, mine is same as yours. But will your MUA redo your makeup after the lunch?
  33. jerlinkenn

    jerlinkenn Member

    Hi, I got 3 make-up session from my bridal studio hence I intend to use all for my wedding lunch. One in the morning, another one before my solemisation and the last one before 2nd march in.
  34. houseoflove

    houseoflove New Member

    i wan to do 2 full make-up le...tat means clean off the make-up in the morning and do a new one before solemmization n banquet..

    cun stand having the same make-up from goodness know how early in the morning all the way to 4plus noon..anyone got around this problem of time constraint?

    cos my bs mua say she can only do retouch for me before solemmization despite tat i got two full make-up in my package..
  35. crypaz

    crypaz New Member

    I also wan to do 2 full make-up one in the morning and one before the outdoor shoot after the lunch but not sure if got enough time to do the full makeup before the outdoor shoot....normally how much time is needed to do full bridal make up?
  36. october

    october New Member

    I'm not asking my MUA to re-do my make-up after lunch, coz' if she redo, I will waste 45 mins excluding hair. Full bridal make-up usually take about 45 mins, at least that's how long I take to do my own version of bridal make-up on myself. Haiz.. I'm even contemplating asking my MUA to just do my hair, while I do my own make-up coz' my friend said I do my own make-up better than the MUA..

    Anyway, me and hub want to finish our photoshoot by 6pm so that we can go for our own dinner after that. If lunch ends at about 2.30pm/ 3pm and i redo make-up, photography will start only 4pm. I wanted more time for photography, so decided to skip a full re-do but to do a full touch-up instead. If the make-up base and foundation is well-done in the morning, actually a good touch-up can be as good as a full re-do for photography purpose.

    Actually, after you remove full bridal make-up, it is good to do a quick moisturising paper mask for 30 mins or so before you put on the second set of make-up. Make-up dries up our skin so a moisturing mask will be good prior to all make-up.

    Having said all that, it also depends on the time your morning make-up is put on.. For mine, my MUA only comes at about 7.30am - 8am. If yours is coming like 5am - 6am type, then perhaps a full re-do might be good for photography, esp if you do not know how to touch up your face yourself.
  37. crypaz

    crypaz New Member

    Cath, thanks for sharing....
    For my case the makeup starts at 7.00am, lunch should end around 2.30pm to 3.00pm. Outdoor shoot will have to start latest by 4.00pm and finish by 6.30pm as i would need to vacant the resturant for the dinner couple to come in and prepare.
    Wanted the MUA to redo make-up & hair for me and htb but worried insufficient time to do in 1 hr or 1h15min.The hairstyle plan to do a simple one just tie up a pony tail to save time. Also didn't know if a touch up is good enough and will last or not since the makeup is on my face for around 7hours already. It's like adding on new makeup to old makeup.

    If after removing makeup we put on ampoule before doing the new makeup does it helps?
  38. october

    october New Member

    your schedule is quite similar to mine actually.

    You can talk to your MUA and see if she can re-do your make-up and hair within 45 mins. If can, then perhaps you can re-do.
    A pony tail only, should be quite fast.

    the moisturing mask is a nice-to-do, but if no time, then you do a detailed cleansing and moisturizing process at night. For bridal make-up, the type of ampoule to use should only be those to hold your MUA's make-up. If you are referring to hydrating ampoule, save that for the night.

    If you have to travel out for your photoshoot, also have to consider traveling time..
  39. nailus

    nailus New Member

    HI all,

    I'm trying to plan a schedule for my AD and I need help! my FTB time is 9am, solemnization is between 11am-1pm and i still have to squeeze in time for the tea ceremony before the cocktail at 12pm..

    Plus I still a touchup for my makeup and my MUA mentioned something about changing my hairstyle before the lunch...

    Any idea how long is the tea ceremony on average?

  40. nixi018

    nixi018 New Member

    Hi SuLian, same here.. my FTB and solemnisation auspicious timing is the same as yours too.. Tentatively my solemnisation timing is at 11.30am.. I think the tea ceremony will be fast if there are not too many relatives.. or if you don't have time, can do it after lunch... I am also thinking when to do the makeup n hairstyle.. it will take around 45mins to 1 hr.. if must do it before lunch, may need to skip the cocktail.. when is your AD btw?
  41. love_rae

    love_rae New Member

    Hi all, can check, for wedding lunch, if it is a relatively small and cozy affair with only family and few releatives invited, should engage AD PG?? A bit waste money?
  42. joreen86

    joreen86 New Member

    I am doing a wedding lunch too.. can anyone share with me your plans.. Thank you! Please email to
  43. keli

    keli New Member

    Hi, i am having wedding lunch as well..crash gate, tea ceremony and rom before the wedding lunch..can any kind souls share the itinery with me? please email me @
    Many thanks in advance..
  44. paniky

    paniky New Member

    Hi keli I'm doing exactly e same as you. Can anyone share their schedule? I'm thinking if really got time for 2 makeup or should I use dat for my pre wed morning n another change for prewed afternoon shoot. Any advise pls?
    My email is
  45. snowy1982

    snowy1982 New Member

    I am doing a wedding lunch cum solemnisation too. pls email me at Thank you so much~
  46. piginaction

    piginaction New Member

  47. steveau

    steveau New Member

    hi there,

    I am preparing for my wedding lunch this yr. would anyone be kind enough to send mi a copy of your wedding lunch scedule. Kindly email me at . Thanks a million!
  48. tiaraqueen

    tiaraqueen Member

  49. btbshan

    btbshan New Member

    Hello did anyone do church wedding ceremony and then wedding lunch in hotel?
    can share schedule with me?

    thank you!
  50. jas1207

    jas1207 Member

    Hi! I'm also doing lunch. Can anyone share yr schedule w me? thanks!

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