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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by rafe, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. rafe

    rafe New Member

    Hi guys! Just curious if anyone signed up with Signoria or heard anything about it. Care to share your bridal package or comments?

    Really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. ken_shuling

    ken_shuling New Member

    Hi Rafe

    I signed up with Signoria during their wedding shows in Suntec. Package details as follow;

    Price : $2,688
    18R : 34pcs
    20" x 24" pic with frame
    8R table top x 2
    5R 20pcs x 2 set
    4R 96pcs with 8 poses
    make up for trial, AD and nite, studio
    1 evening and 1 wedding gown
    2 suit
    car ribbons and corsage
    hand bouquet
    Gown for both mother in law and father in law suit
    Thank you card 100pcs
    Ang bao box
  3. qazxswe

    qazxswe New Member

    hi u know wat happen to signoria?
  4. chrisashriel

    chrisashriel New Member

    Bliss frm marina sq merge with Signoria and their whole great team is split now with bliss staffs sucks big time. Except for the seamstress...

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