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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by rainbowgal23, May 28, 2009.

  1. rainbowgal23

    rainbowgal23 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I have signed up with Cang Ai Bridal (a Taiwan bridal shop that recently opened a shop in Singapore).

    Any other forum members signing up with Cang Ai?
  2. viviv

    viviv New Member

  3. jgmm07

    jgmm07 Member

    Hi Amanda,

    I have been to their shop @ tanjong pagar n i'm impressed with their make-up, styling n photography so pretty keen in them too. Would you b so kind to share your package with me as well? my email is Thanks.

  4. tong_tong

    tong_tong New Member

    Hi Amanda, Viviv and Jacqueline,

    Can you pls share your package with me? My email is

    How is their service you experienced so far?
  5. rainbowgal23

    rainbowgal23 New Member

    Hi Tong, I have sent the information to you.
  6. jgmm07

    jgmm07 Member

    Hi Tong,

    My package is similar to Amanda's n they gave us e option to go Taiwan for the pre-wedding photoshoot. U can nego for more things, eg. bigger size protrait, more photos, more outfits wif makeover for each n more clothes on actual day.

    Our pre-wedding photoshoot should b next year but at present, they haf given us e best service among e bridal shops we haf went to along tanjong pagar. They let me try alot of gowns n very patient wif us. Of all, their gowns suit me e best n my HTB likes their photography so we decided to sign wif them.

    My HTB's fren had their pre-wedding photoshoot wif them locally n they r pretty happy wif their photos.

    Hope this helps.

    Jacqueline [​IMG]
  7. crystal060

    crystal060 New Member

  8. paultina

    paultina New Member

    Hi BTB,

    can you kindly share your package with me. tks a lot! and any co-ordinator to recommend?
    My email:
  9. jgmm07

    jgmm07 Member

    Hi Christina,

    I jus sent you my package. [​IMG]
  10. orientalfrost

    orientalfrost New Member

  11. mystoryursong

    mystoryursong New Member

    Hi Amanda,

    I'm interested in signing up with Cang Ai.
    Could you share with me your package?
    My email at:
  12. rainbowgal23

    rainbowgal23 New Member

    Hi Kristie,

    I have sent it to you.
  13. kacie

    kacie New Member

    hiAmanda and jacqueline,

    Can you share yr pkg wif me ? Thanks!
  14. kacie

    kacie New Member

  15. zenn29

    zenn29 New Member

    hi hi... can those who sign packages with Cang Ai share with me ur package. My email address is

  16. ginko59

    ginko59 New Member

    Hi Amanda and jacqueline,

    Can you send your packages to me? Thanks!

    I also feel that their service is very good, but not sure about their aftersales service.

    Any feedback? Seems like not many BTB choose them.

    email is
  17. rainbowgal23

    rainbowgal23 New Member


    i have sent the package to you Kaixin, Josephine & Grace.
    Please take a look at ur email.
  18. bibao

    bibao Member

  19. rainbowgal23

    rainbowgal23 New Member

    Hi Min,

    I hv sent the info to u.
  20. red_raspberries

    red_raspberries New Member

    i strongly recommend CangAi for their beautiful gowns and excellent service.

    I just pop by Cangai and told the sales ger that i am looking to rent to buy evening gown, and she warmly invited me to go into the shop and showed me their gowns. I didn't say i wanted to sign a package or confirm buying/renting, but without reservation, she recommended me a few different colours, materials and style their may suit my figure.

    Without any obligations, she allowed me to try i think about 10 gowns, all of different colour n style (she say must try to know which one suits best)!! I actually said i'm paiseh to try so many, esp when i'm not confirming to rent / sign package, but they said nevermind, it's ok to try....

    they have a good variety of gowns, exquisite and detailed beadings. Very nice~~

    Yea, and of cos, i rented the gown which i like very much from them, because of their quality, and most importantly is the service that they provided!

    Strongly recommended!!!! If anyone is interested, do pop by Cangai and i'm sure they will serve customer till satisfied.
  21. Hi Amanda, can you also send me your package?

    Jacqueline how many photos and gowns did you negotiate for?

    Quite new to this wedding thing so not sure where to start. Thanks very much, very much appreciated!

    My email is
  22. ginko59

    ginko59 New Member

  23. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    hi babes, can share with me the package.. coz i went down to their roadshow today at iluma.. a manager was there.. she is from taiwan.( very very nice lady.. ) very paitent. we didnt sign with her eventually because we are not sure to do the rom and wedding together.. But she gave me free upgrade from $3888 package to $5888 package.. ( total paying $3888 nett with AD dress , make up) including ROM dress and it worth? . i was thinking if free accommodation can be included. as other bS giving free accommodation?
  24. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

  25. ordinance

    ordinance New Member

    I signed up for Cang Ai too back in May. They staff are really really very nice people, unlike the other sales people from other bridal studios who just try to hardsell. One particular studio kept me there for 4 hours and refused to let me leave unless I signed with them. Although their package was attractive, I refused to be forced to sign their package.

    Anyway, I eventually signed with Cang Ai, not only because the package was attractive, but they let me go home to think about it.
  26. elkim

    elkim New Member

    Hi all,

    I was in iluma the other day and saw the roadshow which VonzVonz mentioned earlier. Very interested in their studio as the pictures in the website super nice~ Can anyone send me the package for reference? Thanks!
  27. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    they also let me go home and think abt it.. i very gian to sign.., but hubby says.. must think properly. Anyone sign with them and went to taiwan to take their PS?
  28. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    they are having promo now at $1988 but i dunno what it consist..
  29. zenn29

    zenn29 New Member

    Hmm... better think carefully abt signing packages with studios in taiwai.
    Most packages only cover gowns for photoshoots & you have to source your gown for Actual Day (AD). Other things such as AD's flowers * make-up hv to coordinate on your own too.

    Some may cover gown for Actual Day, but you need to pay for the shipment charges for the gowns which can be quite ex cos the gowns are rather heavy. (to get a feel of how heavy a gown is, juz go to any BS & try their gowns..)
    Also, i feel there will be a risk, cos they will alter the gowns for you during the photoshoot (normally 6 mths b4 ur actual day). So if your size changes during that 6 mths period & they had shipped over the gown, its all at your own risk already lor.

    Thus, I signed up with Julia Wedding News in the end. They had been in sg for 14 years & had a branch in taiwan. Which is all i need! =)
  30. lovedaz

    lovedaz New Member

  31. Hi..

    Could anyone share their Cangai TW photoshoot experience?

    Also, how is this bridal shop compared to Bluebay?

    Would really appreciate if anyone could share their package with me too ( Thanks!
  32. friedbread

    friedbread Member

  33. Sze Sze - you mean for photoshoots? Could you share why you signed up with both instead of choosing one? Curious curious..:p Oh I emailed you also [​IMG]

    Btw, recently visited Cang Ai with my FH, but we don't feel that comfortable with the sales lady who talked to us. Feel the AD gowns are a tad too heavy as well (same case for BB haha..). So, if anything, it's prolly PS only for us.
  34. berlindaong

    berlindaong Member

    dear all, im very interested to go to taiwan for my wedding photoshoot.

    I've shortlisted cangai and bluebay, cant make up my mind...

    as i read the forum more, i realised there are more good reviews on others like IVY, Manhattan, Francestar, Lishe....

    In big delimma now... =(
  35. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    for those that u mention .. they do not have a ship in sg.. if anything goes wrong no one will answer.. therefore i think blue bay.. and cang ai will be better.. both have a shop in sg..
    Cang ai i personally went down .. and hear that they have nice gowns and service.. they also have 3 shops in taiwan .. unlike the other bridal shops only one shop.. Still thinking which bridal shop to choose.. those who have their pre wedding shoots and advise??
  36. berlindaong

    berlindaong Member

    i just talked to Lishe bridal, she say for cangai , when u reach taiwan, if u wanna choose the latest gown will have to top up more $$... may i ask is it true?

    i thought usually u pay the package price u can choose any from whole selection in the shop..
  37. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    i finally made up my mind.. and sign up with cangai... since i talk to many other bridal shops.. i still think the manager is damn nice!!! you girls shld go down and take a look try the gowns.. then sign the package when u r ready .. no one will force u.. try to ask for the manager or Eunice.. [​IMG]
    Lishe is just a small shop in Taiwan.. [​IMG] tats y they say that..
  38. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    remember the gowns , service r most important.. alot of bridal shops dont allow u to try the gowns[​IMG]
  39. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    i just check with cangai.. of course u cant choose the latest gowns for AD.. but for Photo shoot they also have some latest gowns.. that one you dun need to pay extras.. and also they do not have senior or junior photographer.. which i think its gd.. we dont need to pay extras..
    Maybe i will upload the photos when i come back from Taiwan.. in feb . march 2010[​IMG]
  40. xuan818

    xuan818 New Member

    Hi All,
    Did anyone here sign up with their AD package?
    Do you mind to share the detail to me.
    Thank you!
  41. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    I signed up their ad , ps in Taiwan n rom[​IMG]
  42. xuan818

    xuan818 New Member

    Hi Von,
    Do you mind to share with me your package. I am aso interested in ROM and AD...
  43. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    oh my package is for Taiwan PS.. maybe u can call Eunice up and say i intro u) hopefully she can give u some gd price..
    their number is 62208520 .
    i think i am pretty satisfied with their service up till now!
    Check out their portfolio[​IMG]
    i learn some photography during my NAFa sch days.. i am pretty sure their photography skills is Thumbs up!
  44. elcp7880

    elcp7880 New Member

    Hi ...

    Can anyone share their package for Cang Ai and Bluebay with myself??

    We're sourcing for BS, and is tempted to have photoshoot out of Singapore.

    Can email me at

  45. starrynite79

    starrynite79 New Member

    Hi vonzvonz [​IMG]

    We are interested in Cang Ai too, quite keen to have PS in Taiwan, do you mind sharing your package details with me? So your AD is in Taiwan too?

    Please email to Much appreciated, thanks! [​IMG]
  46. bluecheese77

    bluecheese77 New Member

    hi there,

    Can anyone share details of their package as well? interested to go with Cang Ai for PS in TW...

    Pls email at thanks!
  47. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    yeap i am taking my photoshoot in TW..
  48. rainbowleong

    rainbowleong New Member

    Hi vonzvonz (diorfanz), can u share price & details of your Cang Ai package? Thanks!

    my email:
  49. diorfanz

    diorfanz New Member

    one thing i can conclude.. taiwanese have VERY gd make up skills.. i have some friends who look very normal and those who dun put make up at all.. looks GOD DAmn Gorgeous after the makeover[​IMG]
    i think that's the price we got to pay to make us all pretty Brides on our special day!
  50. snow_tea

    snow_tea New Member

    Hi, can someone send me her cang ai bridal package? I will be going to the Wedding Fair this sat. Thank you in advance.

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