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  1. xxiaogua

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    Dear All,
    I have a BB package to let go. Original price SGD2880 and I willing to let go at SGD2300(negotiable). For interested parties, please contact me at Thanks.
  2. jsfusion

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    Hi Glenda,

    As mentioned above... really bad experience from BB... I really got nothing to say abt it. Anyway, if u aldy signed up the package, wishing u good luck...

    Just dun expect too much from them...
  3. planetger

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    Hi girls who are interested in signing up with BlueBay for your pre-wedding shoot, I have only 1 more referral voucher left to give away! You will have additional free 6 photos (worth $480 in total) when you sign up their package.

    You will have to go down to their office at Delfi Orchard to sign up. I can go down together with you for the negotiation as the coordinator will be able to give u a package that is similar to mine..! (I spent alot time negotiating)
    I can share with you what my package includes and the pricing.. Please email me at if you're interested to know..

    I'm also throwing in some free boxes of My Beauty Diary Masks so that we all can look pretty before our photoshoot :)
  4. skylerxiaogmailcom

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    Hey all, I just signed up for a package with Bluebay, and have the referral vouchers.

    If you're intending to sign up with bluebay please email me at, and we can get an additional 6 photos free (worth $480) each! :)

    Do email me if you're interested, thanks!
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    Hi Everyone,

    I have just got referral vouchers from Bluebay. Anyone interested to sign up a package with them, kindly contact me for referral so that both of us can benefit to get 6 additional photos on top of our package [​IMG]

    My email:

    Thank you.
  6. melodyy

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    Hi all,

    for those of you looking for Bridal Studio, I can recommend Bluebay Bridal-Studio to you. They do photo shoot in SG, TW and many other countries. They’ve got pretty good reviews (& hardly any bad reviews) and I personally know quite a number of happy Bluebay couples!

    I also have vouchers which entitles you to 6 free additional photos worth SGD$480 on top of your bridal package.

    What you need to do:

    (1) Sign up for their wedding package at Delfi orchard. Please note that the vouchers cannot be used at roadshows.

    (2) present the voucher before you sign the package.

    (3) You will get 6 additional photos and I will get 6 additional photos too worth $480!

    We did checked with them on the price difference at the shop and at roadshow. At Roadshows, you will probably get more freebies (like ferris-wheel photoframe, etc) but package price is about the same.. additional photos are definitely better and more worth it.

    Please email to if you are interested. I can negotiate with them and ask if you could get the same package with me.

    You can check out their fb page for some of their works!

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    Email :)
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